Fetish Locator

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a game by ViNovella Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Fetish Locator
Fetish Locator
Fetish Locator
Fetish Locator

Fetish Locator is actually a trilogy of games and today we are taking a look at the first part of it and seeing why it has built up the following it has. This is a lewd visual novel game that has a real high-level of polish to it and it is a game that has a fun premise that is very easy to get into. If you enjoy lewd visual novel games, I am pretty sure you are going to like what is on offer here. It is well made and I did find myself actually getting invested in some of the drama that was going on too.

Big Man On Campus

The main character that we play as in Fetish Locator is a college dude who has taken a bit of time away from college, but now he is back and things sure are different. What has changed is this new app that is called Fetish Locator and it has made getting your rocks off with likeminded kinky individuals so much easier. What is neat here is that the story can go in different ways, you can play our MC as more of a “good guy” or you can pretty much make him a real asshole, it is up to you.

Variety Is The Sexy Spice Of Life

One of the things that I liked best about Fetish Locator was the different girls that you can try and get with. Lydia, Amber Rose, Stacy, Jessie, Daisy, and Lyssa. Each girl has her own style and personality. For example, Jessie is a sexy cosplayer with a bit of a nerdy side and Jessie is a girl that you have been friends with since you were kids. You will probably find yourself connecting with some characters more than others, but that is part of the fun of this game in my opinion.

Taking It To The Extreme

For a game that is called Fetish Locator, the sex here is not as extreme as you may think. You have stuff like anal and pee play here, but it never gets any more extreme than that. I am more than ok with this, but I get some people might expect more due to the title. The presentation of the game is great, I like the realistic look of the character models and the animation during some of the lewd scenes is pretty damn impressive.

Being Your Own Man

As this is a visual novel, Fetish Locator will give you various choices that you get to make during the game. As I said before, you get to decide what kind of guy you want to be. You may find yourself trying to be Mr. nice guy to one chick, but a bit of a jerk to another. I do think that there is enough meat on the bone here to encourage a second playthrough.


I had a lot of fun with Fetish Locator. I went into this not expecting a great deal to be honest with you, but I ended up being very impressed and playing through the game more than once. I think the great selection of ladies was what really kept me going as this kind of variety when it is done this well is quite unusual. Be sure to give this one (and its sequels) a try if you are into lewd visual novels.


  • I liked the majority of the female characters in the game
  • There are some great XXX scenes in this game
  • It is cool how you can dictate what kind of guy the MC is
  • There is enough here to keep you entertained for multiple playthroughs


  • The music in the game is not good at all!
  • I do feel you have to play the other two games to get the full experience

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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