Taste of Seduction

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Platform: PC
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Taste of Seduction
Taste of Seduction
Taste of Seduction

Taste of Seduction is a first-person lewd RPG and it is perhaps one of the most impressive lewd games that I have seen in quite some time. This is a fairly recent game and as of me writing this, the game is far, far from being complete, but there is still enough here for us to talk about today. I am really hopeful that more and more people get turned onto this as I really hope that the developer is able to finish their vision for the game as you do not get too many lewd games that are like this.

A Normal Life… With Mystery!!!

The main character that we play as in Taste of Seduction is called Devlin and he is a college student that is just trying his best to get by at school and also make a little money so he can live a decent life. What he really wants is to figure out what really happened to his dad who went missing. Add to this all kinds of family drama and him wanting to start his own business and you have a lot going on. Currently, what is here is quite basic, but it gives you a good indication of where things could be headed.

Who Developed This?

The reason I say that is because Taste of Seduction has the look and feel of a much higher budget game. The few character models that are in this relatively early build of the game all look fantastic and have a more realistic kind of body. Even Devlin himself has a more “normal” look than most other MCs have in lewd games. The first-person perspective also greatly helps with the immersion into this world.

I Hear You Loud And Clear

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Taste of Seduction is that this game is fully voice acted in English! I can probably count the number of times this happens in a lewd game on one hand. The voice acting is of a very decent quality and just like the first-person perspective, it does help get you more invested and attached to what is going on in this world.

Experiencing The World First Hand

As this is a first-person RPG, you have to walk around, interact with things, talk to people and even play some mini-games like this gambling one I had a lot of fun with for example. There are things hidden that you have to uncover and in all, there is more to the gameplay of Taste of Seduction than you would think. While you can see all this build of the game has quite quickly, it was still a fun and exciting game getting to the lewd content that the game had.


Even though Taste of Seduction is far from being completed, I think this is a fantastic game. Be sure to throw them a few bucks if you like it as I would love to see them have the funds to keep this game going at the quality they have shown here. I think one of the big boy lewd publishers should strongly consider getting in on this and funding the project as there is some real mainstream potential here.


  • I thought Devlin was a pretty interesting character
  • This game has some incredible 3D character models
  • There are not too many first-person lewd games out there!
  • This game has some great English voice acting


  • This is far from being the completed projects
  • The mini-games here are not all that exciting, but they do give you something to do

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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