Yosuga no Sora

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a game by Sphere
Platform: PC (2008)
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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Yosuga no Sora
Yosuga no Sora
Yosuga no Sora
Yosuga no Sora

If you want a fantastic lewd visual novel, Yosuga no Sora, is honestly hard to beat. I had actually seen the anime that came after this as the game was released in 2008, but it took a long time to get translated, or at least a long time for me to find a fully translated version to play. What we have here is a lewd game that has some amazing art, but it is the story and the characters that are the real driving force of this game and that will stick with you long after you have played it.

Twin Magic!

I am going to try and be a bit vague here as the story of Yosuga no Sora is so well done that you do not want any of the major stuff spoiled for you. Our main character is a young man called, Hakura and he and his twin sister have lost their parents in a car accident and they now have to go and live with their grandfather. Once they get there, they reconnect with many people that they knew in the past and start to uncover some rather interesting and sometimes dark secrets. It is honestly amazing stuff and I cannot praise the storytelling enough here!

Taking The Right Route

Yosuga no Sora offers you five routes that you can play through. There are five girls/friends that we get to chat with and interact within the game. There is Nao who was their friend from when they were kids, Ryohei, a classmate, Kozue who welcomes them when they first arrive, Akira who is a miko at the local shrine and there is also Kazhua. Now, you also get a route with Sora as well, but that one is the ending route if you ask me so be sure to do all the other ones first. Each one has its own thing going on and there is honestly not a bad one in the bunch!

A Few Key Choices

As Yosuga no Sora is a lewd visual novel, you know that there is not exactly going to be a ton of gameplay here. What you do is read the story and as the story is so interesting and so well told, it is very easy to get engrossed in this game. You do get to make a few choices in each of the different girl's paths, but they are quite few and far between. I did like how they did not make the choices cryptic and that it is very easy to know what the right one to pick is, depending on how you want the relationship to go of course.

Beauty Inside And Out!

When it comes to the visuals, Yosuga no Sora is an amazing looking game, you do get that weird Japanese censorship here, but by the time you read this a patch or something could be out there. To be honest with you while I would have preferred the game to be uncensored, I was so connected with the characters, and the art that is here is so well done, I did not get as frustrated as I usually do when a lewd game has unnecessary censorship!


To say that I highly recommend Yosuga no Sora is a massive understatement! I was completely pulled in by this story and its characters and trust me when I tell you, the less you know going in, the better the experience of this game is going to be for you. I would also suggest that you check out the anime of this as that is great too, but watch it after you have played the game, I kind of wish that was the order I did this in!


  • The cast of characters are fantastic
  • The story had many twists and turns
  • There is so much depth to the characters
  • This game looks fantastic!


  • Some may wish they got to make more choices
  • The version I played was censored!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Yosuga no Sora is a visual novel for adults about the unconventional love of twins and the search for the meaning of existence in a world where the closest ones no longer exist. Twins Haruka and Sora lose their parents in a car accident, their brother considers it his duty to take care of his sister, but gradually their feelings go beyond the family relationship.

Pros of the game:

  • Complicated and heavily influenced plot choices
  • A variety of girls with unique characters, each with their own story
  • Lots of ethno and hentai scenes

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