Aviary Attorney

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a game by Sketchy Logic
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Aviary Attorney
Aviary Attorney
Aviary Attorney

I’m not sure about any of you out there, but I’ve always had a dream that’s caused me to wake up dazed and confused at the worst possible moment. Here, the worst moment isn’t one that was terrifying or where I’d been wishing I could wake up. Instead, when I wake up from this dream, I’m plainly wishing I could go back and start dreaming again or that I’d never woke up at all. In this dream, things were relatively normal except for the fact that I was a bird that also happened to be a lawyer defending the lives of those that deserve justice. It pained me anytime that this dream was cut short.

Fortunately, Aviary Attorney is a fine, short graphic novel that allows you to live out your avian courtroom dreams with ease in an incredibly enjoyable manner. Though its an idea straight out of a whacky dream that I mysteriously seem to have (what a coincidence), there’s a lot to love because of the significant dedication the designers and writers put forth.

The Hottest Bird Lawyering Game

So, what exactly is Aviary Attorney? As the name implies, you’ll be following the story of Jajay Falcon and Sparrowson through their courtroom battles as they litigate and collaborate through numerous difficult trials. When discussing this title, its impossible not to mention the witty, thorough writing that dots this visual novel. The setting and design choices are incredibly ‘out there’, you will quickly become wrapped up in the finer elements of the story. The best part, to me, is that this experience doesn’t take itself too seriously while still presenting an intricate idea for you to think on.

Of course, the whole courtroom setting is easily reminiscent of the Phoenix Wright series, though the use of anthropomorphic animals and inclusion of puns, witty dialog, & overall serious content rings closer to Night in the Woods. It’s a unique fusion of comedy/silliness and tragedy/seriousness that’s hard to pull off. Aviary Attorney manages to hit all these cues without issue and creates an incredibly original experience.

Lively and Creative

What draws most people to this title is its art design and creative properties. This isn’t a game predicated on having the ‘best’ graphics or crisp framerates (it is a visual novel, after all), but each scene, character, and menu has a clear direction with incredible detail. Even the smaller aspects of certain settings were given attention and it shines with each ‘page’.

Bottom Line

Finally, the actual gameplay is interactive on every level. Each decision you make will affect the outcome you receive and will impact what story you experience the whole way through. Beyond the point and click mechanics of visual novels, there’s not much else to discuss. Regardless, each scene in this romantic-era title has plenty of object, characters, and events to interact with.


Aviary Attorney is a charming title that’s full of unique twists, turns, and dives that will keep you on the edge of your perch throughout the game. Its well written in a manner that will have you coming back to complete the other endings in no time.


  • Great writing
  • Detailed scenery
  • Well-produced soundtrack and style


  • Can crash often
  • Somewhat short (still incredibly thorough)

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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