Campus Confidential

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a game by campusconfidential
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
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Campus Confidential
Campus Confidential
Campus Confidential
Campus Confidential

Campus Confidential is a lewd sandbox game about a dude at college. I know we have played a million games that have this premise before, but after checking out the first release of the game, I think it is shaping up to have a lot of potential. I have not seen too many people talking about it or giving it a chance so I wanted to share my thoughts, opinions, and ramblings about the game even if it is still in a very early access state.

The Reinvention Of A Geek

I will be the first one to admit that the story being told in Campus Confidential is not exactly what you would call original. The game is about a young guy who is moving away to college, but he was a geek and a bit of a loser with the ladies in high school and he wants to reinvent himself in college so that he is more appealing to the chicks. His best friend in high school, the super cute Lexi is going to be going to college with him and she is sure not the little girl that he knew in school.

A Hot Teacher, A Bully, And Book Of Old Cliches

I know that as I write this, Campus Confidential is in what is best described as very early access, hell you could even argue that the version I played is an alpha build. However, the writing while not bad needs something to spice it up. Pretty much every cliché you could imagine in a lewd game set in college with a geek turning cool is in this game. the hot friend who becomes more than friends, the geek having a magical huge penis that is irresistible to women, teachers on his back and then on their back! It is not bad at all, but you do feel like you have seen it all before.

A College Sandbox

As of me writing this, College Confidential I feel has its core gameplay elements in place. I do like how easy it is to navigate the map. You click where you want to go and then each area will have arrows, people, or things of interest that you can click on. You can work out and go to work which is kind of like a mini-game and this helps your stat and your financial situation. Much like the story, the gameplay is very much by the numbers, but I am not going to be too harsh here as the game works very well and I never had any issues with any of the gameplay mechanics. I hope that they resist the temptation to add a bunch of grinding in the game though as the system of progression so far feels ideal.

Hotties And Notties

My god did I really just reference a terrible Paris Hilton movie from the 00s? Anyway, the character models in Campus Confidential are a mixed bag, to say the least. Lexi your friend is super hot, the chick in the gym with tattoos is hot, the bitchy chick in your dorm is hot and then the rest are mid to flat out ugly. This game has some bizarre looking faces that can really take you out of the moment. Although, in the games defense, not everyone in the real world is hot so at least they are a bit more realistic. I have only come across a couple of lewd scenes so far and they are decent enough, but full animation is something I would like to see added to the game.


Even though what we have here in Campus Confidential is a very by the numbers kind of lewd sandbox game set in a college. I still have gotten a kick out of it. I have always liked raunchy college comedies and this one having like a checklist of what you would want in on may not make it original, but it does mean it has the greatest hits of what you would expect in a lewd game or a lewd movie that takes place in a college. I had fun with this and I will be back when they add in some more content.


  • Going from geek to stud is a fun concept
  • I got a kick out of how it has every college trope you could imagine
  • Some of the characters are very attractive
  • So far the gameplay loop of working, going to class, and exercising is good


  • Some of these characters are just straight up weird looking
  • In the current build, I am talking about there is not much content

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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