Chrono Clock

a game by Purple Software
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
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Chrono Clock
Chrono Clock
Chrono Clock
Chrono Clock

Chrono Clock is a high-end visual novel game that made me smile the majority of the time I was playing it, but it also nearly brought a tear to my eye on occasion as well. While there is no shortage of visual novel games of this style out there. I do feel that this is one of the flashier and well-made ones that I have played in recent times. I do want to say that if you play the STEAM version of the game, you will not get any of that sweet hentai action, but there is a patch out there that is pretty easy to find.

If I Could Turn Back Time

Man, who doesn’t love Cher? What does Cher have to do with this game? Well nothing really, but I was looking for a clever way to tell you that Chrono Clock is a game that has time travel in it. The time travel here is very interesting. The protagonist is a young guy called, Rei and he was given a magic pocket watch that allows him to go back in time, but only five minutes.

This makes things very interesting as he uses this time travel ability to his advantage, mainly to find a girl to get with. However, one day at school, there is a scream and someone has jumped to their death from the roof. Rei uses his ability to turn back time and see what happened. He ends up in a strange situation with a girl he finds interesting and his friend. It is very good stuff that will make you smile, but it does also have some heartfelt moments too.

Style And Personality

Easily one of the most impressive aspects of Chrono Clock has to be the visuals. I love and I mean love the character designs of this game. The girls all look super cute and are very easy on the eyes, but the backgrounds that the story takes place over are also very well done. Some people may roll their eyes at the fact that the four girls (well six once you unlock the other two) are all your stereotypical anime, visual novel style girls, but they are done very well. The game features some fantastic voice acting. I tend to find that voice acting in visual novel games is hit or miss and they manage to make a hit here with the voice acting. It gives each of the girls that extra bit of personality and I think it helps make you connect with them more.

Gimme Five More Minutes!

The gameplay on offer here is what you would expect in a visual novel. You get to make choices as the story progresses and this is what is going to set you on a specific path and give you one of the many different endings. I liked the way the game always lets you know what route you are on and there are many ways that the story can go, you are probably looking at 30 plus hours here if you want to see all of the different things that can happen in the story.

I was very impressed with Chrono Clock and if I had to recommend a set of visual novels to someone, this would make that list. It just has a lot of charm to it and I liked the way that the story managed to be cute, fun, and even sexy in places. Yet it also could tug on the heartstrings a few times as well which is something not many of these games manage to do. If you enjoy visual novel games, you are going to enjoy this.


Also, while the hentai stuff that you can get a patch for is great, I do not think that it adds a ton of stuff to the story so you are not missing anything without it.


  • I loved the story
  • It features a very interesting take on time travel
  • The story will make you laugh
  • I liked the way the game also had a few heavy moments too
  • You have a lot of story to get through


  • The fact that the hentai in the game needs a patch may not be ok for some
  • While I loved the girls, they are your standard VN type girls

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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