Family By Fate

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a game by MacroxssZ
Platform: PC (2021)
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Family By Fate
Family By Fate
Family By Fate
Family By Fate

Sometimes family ties throw up more problems than happy encounters, such are the problems faced by the large family of the protagonist of the erotic visual novel - Family By Fate. How the hero will cope with the protection of his family and what obscene secrets his relatives keep, find out in the hero's story adventure.

Darkness of Night is Followed by Dawn

Trouble haunted the protagonist, but it was always followed by pleasant moments. The father left the family and will leave the hero's mother with two sons, but the woman was able to pull herself together and even move from Spain to the United States. Because of the many moves, the hero was subjected to bullying by his classmates, but there were benefits as well. A desire to learn the basics of self-defense led to constant training and clearing his mind through martial arts. The new body attracted a cute classmate, who later became a wife and bore the hero three beautiful daughters. However, even for the hero, there are situations where finding a way out is not easy.

It's hard to be the head of a family

One fine morning the hero ran into an armed gang member who was clearly going to take the hero's life. However, such an outcome was avoided, but the arriving police bring sad news to the hero. The hero's brother, Fernando, died doing dangerous work for the police in the heart of a mafia network. Fernando is very similar to the protagonist and now there is a risk to the protagonist's family. Also his brother's wife and two children showed up on the doorstep, what to do in such a situation?

Love, but a little different

Only your answers will help the protagonist and his family to survive this difficult time. In addition to external problems, there are also internal ones. It seems that the hero is too good and charismatic, as he as a man begins to like a large female part of his family:

  • Jamie is the protagonist's beloved wife and mother of three daughters. The hero has carried his love for his wife since high school and has continued to love his wife all these years
  • Gloria is the main character's mother. The boy's father left the family when the hero was too young and the poor woman had to combine work and full-time care for her growing son
  • Emma is the hero's eldest daughter. A reserved lover of books, a quiet and taciturn girl
  • Sapphire - Jasper's active twin sister. A playful and joyful girl who will always make even the most ordinary day better.
  • Jasper - the rebellious spirit of the family, the exact opposite of her sister. The witty girl will always speak her mind, even in the most delicate situations.
  • Julia is the wife of the main character's deceased brother. Now it seems the frightened woman has no choice but to rely on her husband's brother.
  • Crystal - the little crybaby who lost her father too soon, maybe she'll see her father in the main character
  • Michaiah - Julie and Fernando's oldest daughter. Too outspoken and bitchy for her age lady, but still the main character's beloved adopted daughter

A visual novel about a close relationship with your closest family members. It's never too late to get even closer to your loved ones and shelter them from any impending disaster. Become an indestructible pillar of your family in this erotic visual novel - Family By Fate.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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