Fight Angel Special Edition

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a game by Red Fox
Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Fight Angel Special Edition
Fight Angel Special Edition
Fight Angel Special Edition
Fight Angel Special Edition

Fight Angel Special Edition is an anime-style fighting game where all the fighters are girls. Each of them has her own fighting style and character. The game stands out for its realistic physics of clothing, breasts and other body parts.


The game looks similar to the classic fighting games Street Fighters and Mortal Kombat. Each character has different types of punches, grapples and blocks. When combining punches, it is possible to inflict a chain of punches, which multiplies the damage. In combat it is also possible to jump and crouch.

Appearance of girls is created by the player and can be changed at any time. Available different facial features, physique, hair, makeup and other accessories. All settings are made in a convenient character editor. In addition to customizing your own girl, the user can edit her opponents.

Selected clothing affects the movement of the character and its overall physics. In battle, a girl can have her clothes torn and expose some parts of her body, and sometimes the outfit flies off completely. However, if you want, you can disable tearing clothes in the settings. There are some erotic themes in the game, but the girls are never completely naked. Even after the brutal battle with the tearing of the clothes, they are still in their underwear.

The developers worked well on the animation and physics of the game. Every girl's movement fully complies with the law of physics, which is reminiscent of a real fight. Even a changed hairstyle can change the physics and movement of the character.

All changes of the character during the game affect only the appearance of the hero. There is no pumping system, so each opponent has an equal chance to win. Successful combat requires learning the available combinations and learning how to use them in time and quickly.

Game Modes

There is no serious storyline in the game. This is a straightforward fighting game with different locations. Colorful levels and dynamics of combat will not let the players get bored for many hours. In addition to the passage of the scenario with a change of location, the user can choose an arcade battle on a particular level.

Duels take place in beautiful locations in the forest, in the city streets, against the background of ancient temples and various sights of Asia.

The scenario is a tournament where you have to go through several opponents and come out the strongest. The winner is revealed in the final battle.The same type of plot is in the famous fighting game series Tekken.

For fans of combat with real players it will suit multiplayer mode. You can play with friends over one screen or over a network with players from around the world.

There are several levels of difficulty for the players. Regardless of the selected level of difficulty, it will increase as you pass. Girls who score the most points go to the Walk of Fame.

For the obtained in battle awards can buy clothes and various accessories. At the end of each level the girls perform a dance with incredible animation.


  • Realistic physics
  • Colorful levels
  • Powerful character editor
  • Clothing Breakdown
  • Influence of clothing on character physics


  • Lack of plot
  • Lack of background music
  • Monotonous character features

Colorful erotic fighting game with customization of your own character - that's what Fight Angel Special Edition is.Develop the skills of your busty character and defeat the strongest opponents. Become a champion with your own creature in a fighting game that will only be remembered for its combat system in second place. Deadly cuties await you in this beautiful battle.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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