Happy Guy

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a game by HappyGames
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Happy Guy
Happy Guy
Happy Guy
Happy Guy

With a name like Happy Guy, you just know that this is a game that is going to put a big smile on your face! This is a lewd puzzle game that is meant to be played casually, but it has some giant boobed girls to make you want to keep on playing. It has a story and it is nice and bright too. It has all the makings of a very addictive game and it seems like one of the more fun lewd games to be released this year.

Big Boobs Got Me Fired!

The story that Happy Guy is telling is about a guy called, Haro. Haro was a doctor and he had a great life, but he ended up getting into a bit of trouble with a sexy nurse and as a result, he found himself fired. Things are not looking too great for him now, but he has some sexy girls that he can mess around with while he tries to get his life back on track.

Eight Boobs Are Better Than Two!

In Happy Guy, Haro has four different women that he can try and get it on with. Each one of these ladies has massive boobs so we know that Haro clearly has a type. There is Ren who is the nurse that he got into trouble with while he was a doctor. Rei is a maid who used to work at Haro’s house when he was a doctor. Akari is a waitress with dreams of her own and a heart of gold, she likes Haro for who he is. Then we have Narumi who is a business owner of a fancy clothing store and she is one that can give Haro a real run for his money. I think there is a great selection of ladies here and they all look and act differently which is a plus.

Matching Them Together

I am sure you would have put money on Happy Guy being a visual novel game. While there is a fair bit of story for you to read, the main gameplay that this has to offer is that of a match three style of game. you have to match the different gems and each stage will have you needing to do a different thing like get a high score, match so many in the time, and so on. It is pretty basic stuff, but like most other match three games, it is very addictive.

So Clean

The visuals in the game are fantastic. The character models are pretty exaggerated with boobs practically coming out of the screen, but I like that. It has a very clean and stylish kind of look to it and the artwork here really is very well done. Each girl is hot in her own way and as you have probably guessed, there are plenty of XXX CGs for you to unlock. Each lady is fully voice acted, but it is all in Japanese.


I like big boobs; I like lewd games and I like match three style games too. If you are like me and all three of those things are appealing to you, Happy Guy is a game that you need to play. It is not trying to take itself too seriously at all and I think that it is a ton of fun.


  • I like the design of each of the four girls
  • If you love giant boobs, this is the game for you
  • The match three gameplay is simple, but it is still very addictive
  • You can unlock some very hot CGs


  • The gameplay may be a tad shallow for some people
  • I do wish they recorded some English voice acting for the girls

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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