My Lust Wish

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a game by SRT
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.3/10 - 6 votes
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My Lust Wish
My Lust Wish
My Lust Wish

Before we dive really deep into My Lust Wish, I must tell you guys that as of writing this game is far from being complete. The game is supported via Patreon, but there is a Steam released planned at some point in 2022. For now, you can play a little bit of what the game has to offer and that is what I am looking at today to see if it is worth your time getting invested. Please note, that if you are reading this in the future while driving your car, the later features may be implemented.

Just A Small Town Girl

My Lust Wish aims to have a very big story, but at the moment we get just a snippet of it. The idea of the game is that we have a girl called Ashley who has left her small town to go and study at a university where her life will be changed.

The idea here is that the game will have a ton of plot points and she will have to make her way in the city. From what I understand there will be some supernatural elements added too.

As of right now, the story is quite basic where we have Ashley meeting a dude on the train, having a bit of dialogue then giving in to her desires. It is quite basic at the minute, but I do think there is a good story waiting to get out here.

A Hint Of Realism

This is a great-looking game. I am very impressed with the character models and I think that My Lust Wish has a great protagonist in Ashely. She is cute, sexy and has a bit of vulnerability to her too. The game we have as I write this takes place on a train and I know that is not very exciting to talk about, but the more realistic style of the “world” is good.

As far as the characters go, I was surprised at the level of animation here. The sex scene that you can get into on the train is animated very well, some of the best I have seen in a lewd game in a while actually.

Living The Life Of A College Girl

Look, the concept of what this game is going to offer eventually sounds great. The idea is that you need to study, work, make money, friends, and so on. You can have normal jobs, but work your way up to a prostitute, porn star, or a businesswoman who knows exactly what she wants.

Grinding Through Life

You need to make money, but My Lust Wish also has a lust and stat system too. This means that there is a quite a bit of grinding and as of writing this, reading the same text box about a million times is the way you grind in this game. It can be tedious, but I have experienced worse in games before if I am being honest. The game is a sandbox-style of game and it is a bit of what I like to call a “where the hell am I supposed to go game” as it gives you very little information. However, to give them the benefit of the doubt I am sure this will be addressed as the game moves through development.


I can see a lot of stuff to like here. In this early stage, it is kind of harsh of me to be negative of what My Lust Wish. Think of this as a kind of early access form of this game. What is here is basic and kind of grindy, but I think it is solid enough and the way the sex is animated is done very well that you will want to keep on playing to see the next scene the game has to offer.


  • I liked the main character
  • The level of animation here is great
  • You have more control of the sex scenes than in most lewd games
  • I think a lot of the planned content sounds very interesting


  • The game as it stands is very grindy
  • Not sure when the next update will be

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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