Dusklight Manor

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a game by Daniel K.
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 3 votes
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Dusklight Manor
Dusklight Manor
Dusklight Manor
Dusklight Manor

I could not even guess how many lewd visual novels I have played over the years and Dusklight Manor is the latest one to grab my attention. This game is freaking weird and it is the weirdness that kept me going. Well, the weirdness and the fact that all of the female characters are stacked and hot too!

Supernatural True Blood

The premise of the game when I heard about it was something that appealed to me a great deal. In Dusklight Manor the character that we play as is a bit of a douche. However, he has scored a new job at a mysterious manor and he is pretty excited to work there as there are some pretty hot girls who reside there.

What he does not know is that Mistress Clara, the person in charge here is actually a vampire and the hot chicks he is gawking at are her “daughters”. You know, as I write this Resident Evil Village was just released and the whole thing with Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters may have borrowed this idea! The story never really gets going and plot points are just flat-out dropped or resolved in a way that makes zero sense.

Undead Chicks Sure Are Hot

The whole presentation of Dusklight Manor is first rate all the way. As well as the vampire Mistress Chloe who runs this place. There is also Lizzie, Mary, and Lola and these ladies are all very appealing. This game has some truly awesome renders and that is what kept me going. As well as featuring great-looking characters, the backgrounds and the various manor locations all have a lot of detail to them.

As far as the hardcore XXX action goes, you will be pleased to know that the sex scenes in the game are awesome and pretty much feature every kind of sex that you could imagine. They are even animated and the animation is very well done too.

Nothing Else Matters

Ok, so Dusklight Manor starts off pretty damn great. The whole vampire mystery, which girl will you end up banging and end up with is great. However, the actual gameplay on offer here is very basic, even for a lewd visual novel game. You get various choices to make, it is usually three choices, but most of the time I felt that these choices were just there for the sake of making it look like there was more gameplay than there actually is.

There are a few different endings that you can do, but you can see a mile off what you need to say in order to get with a specific girl at the end. Also, despite there being a handful of girls there is no ending where you get to be with them all!


I think that Dusklight Manor has a great premise and it features some amazing character renders and sex scenes. To be honest with you, this alone was enough to keep me playing just a tad longer so I could see what the next sex scene would be. Truth be told, this game is all over the place and the plot never really gets past that awesome premise.


  • I thought the whole vampire thing was cool
  • This game has some gorgeous looking ladies
  • The sex scenes are animated very well
  • The soundtrack is very fitting to the mood of the game


  • The plot has a great premise, but it never delivers
  • It feels like most of your choices do not matter

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Any lewd game that has the potential to be a bit on the spooky side like Dusklight Manor here is always going to catch my attention. What we have here is a lewd visual novel and while I will admit it was the huge boobed ladies on the banner that initially caught my attention. It was the thought that this could be something of a gothic horror story that made this a game that really appealed to me.

Not Your Average Job

I will tell you right off the bat that the guy we play as in Dusklight Manor is not a very likable guy, he has a bit of a jerk vibe about him! He manages to land a new job at this manor and he is going to be working for Mistress Clara who he has an immediate physical attraction to. The twist here is that Clara is actually a vampire and the other attractive ladies that he has taken to at this manor are her vampire daughters!

Dancing Around The Edges

That right there is an awesome premise, but Dusklight Manor never quite builds on this the way I wanted it to. Our main character is going to try and get with the different girls, but the whole vampire and horror thing seems kind of tacked on if I am honest. I actually think you could have had this just be a creepy manor and the ladies, not vampires and you would not have lost anything. The story is rather hard to follow if I am being honest which is a shame as I did think that it started off really well.

Making Up For It!

While the plot started to lose me pretty quickly as I was playing Dusklight Manor. What kept me playing here was those incredible visuals. Now the character renders are incredible in this game, those vampire daughters (and there are other ladies here too) truly are something special and I actually liked all of the female characters renders in this game. The XXX content here is not only animated, but it is also animated amazingly well and made it even hotter. Even this dusty, creepy old manor and its grounds the game is set in looks great.

One Rendezvous To The Next

I will give Dusklight Manor credit for having different endings that you can work towards. This is a very typical lewd visual novel style of game. You will read the story and then every now and again it gives you a few choices to make. Now, I am not exactly sure how different the story is (apart from the endings). What I did like was that it was very easy to figure out what to say or do in order to end up with a specific girl. This would make it quite easy to replay if you wanted to see all of the endings.


While I have to be honest and say that Dusklight Manor does not really offer anything that makes you say wow in terms of it being a lewd visual novel. I do have to say that those incredible visuals and the frequent sex scenes more than make up for it and are enough to keep you playing even if you lose interest in the rather lackluster story.


  • This game has vampires in it and vampires are cool
  • I liked the overall gothic horror vibe of the manor
  • The character renders in this game are awesome, I liked them all
  • The animated sex scenes are very well done


  • The plot never lives up to the intriguing premise you get at the start
  • You just end up ignoring the plot and going from one sex scene to the next

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