Download Defenestration and experience the thrill of hurling objects through windows in this quirky physics-based game! Challenge yourself to master the art of defenestration and rack up high scores. Ready for some smashing fun? Play now!
a game by Fresh Mulan
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Defenestration is a lewd game that as I write this is still pretty deep in development. Still, even with that being said, there are around five hours or so of gameplay for you to sink your teeth into here. One of the main reasons that I want to take a closer look at this game today is that the developer seems pretty cool. So, if you play this and enjoy it, maybe throw them a few bucks over at their Patreon page.

In the Soviet Union, Everyone Corrupts You

The story of the game is one that I feel will either click with people or have them lose interest pretty quickly. I do not think that Defenestration will have any middle ground as far as the story goes. The main character that we play as is a hot girl called, Kira and she has just finished school and is now trying to start her life in this crazy futuristic version of the Soviet Union.

What I think some people may have a hard time with is the kind of comedy that the story has. I would say this is very much a dark comedy and not everything is meant to be taken seriously, but I feel this can be hard to pick up on and some of the dialogue is rather longwinded.

Body And Brains!

One of the most interesting aspects of Defenestration is the way that you can customize Kira and how this affects the gameplay. Yes, you can give her giant boobs and make her a total bimbo if you want. However, you also get to tinker with her brain and make some choices to decide what kind of personality she has too. Both of these things can alter conversations that you have with people.

The City Is Alive

As the game is far from finished there are not exactly a ton of areas that you can go to in the game just yet. The game has a kind of sandbox feel to it where you need to go to various locations and talk to people. There is no grinding or combat, most of what moves things forward is the talking. The gameplay in Defenestration is kind of strange in that it can go from zero to sixty in no time at all. On the flip side of this, there are other sections that can drag on far too long. There is a small amount of lewd content here too, with my personal favorite being a section in the gym that is really hot!

Sexy Kira

The presentation is great, I would say that that this is very close to being a cyberpunk style of game in terms of the art style and that is cool with me. Kira is a very attractive-looking character and the fact you get to customize her is great.

The only thing I did not love was the weird cross-eyed, tongue sticking out face she would make when she was turned on. The locations, other characters, and so on are all showing a great deal of promise.


I know that the game is far from being complete, but I would say that it is certainly a case of so far so good for Defenestration. It is a very interesting lewd game and the way it has no combat or horrible grinding certainly appeals to me. I think there is an interesting story and setting here too, plus the fact that Kira is very easy on the eyes does not hurt either!


  • I really liked Kira as a character
  • You can customize Kira
  • I thought the dark humor the story had was neat
  • This game has a very stylish look about it


  • The game is very far from finished
  • Some of the dialogue sections drag on too long

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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