Chloe 18 Fake Family

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Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Chloe 18 Fake Family
Chloe 18 Fake Family
Chloe 18 Fake Family
Chloe 18 Fake Family

I will be honest and say to you guys that I am coming into Chloe 18 Fake Family pretty ignorant. I have heard of the past Chloe games, but for some reason despite me playing a ton of lewd games, I have never given them the attention many people tell me they deserve. When I found out this was the latest game in the series, I thought I would jump in and see what it was all about.

The Tale Of A Boy Trying To Impress A Girl

I have to say that the translation for Chloe 18 Fake Family is hilarious so I am not sure if the story is being 100 percent played for laughs, but if it is I say bravo as it has quite the sense of humor about it all. The game has us playing as a dude called Trevis and he gets into some trouble while trying to impress a girl, so much trouble that he needs to lay low. His friend, Chloe has a great idea that he should stay with her “friend” Taylor and pretend to be her brother until this whole thing blows over. Of course, while you are staying there banging Taylor, corrupting her and the whole family is what you are going to try and do.

I Got My Head Turned!

The visuals of Chloe 18 Fake Family are truly amazing. They are like when a hot girl walks past and you do that rubbernecking thing to get a better look. I was shocked at how great these character models were and that right there got me more invested in what was going on. I really do not think there is a bad-looking one in the whole bunch. I was also impressed that there was a decent amount of animation when it came to the sex scenes. I always prefer this as it gets you more invested in what is going on. Granted there is a real grind to get to the sexy stuff, but the presentation is so great it is worth it.

M For Mute!

While the graphics are fantastic and I appreciate the animation that is here, I have to say that the soundtrack well and truly sucks! I do not know what is going on lately, but I swear that most of the lewd games I have tried have bad music. Thankfully, you can mute the music in this game and it does not stop the sound effects, I would actually advise muting the music be one of the first things that you do.

A Little Bit Of Bump And Grind

I know that referencing R Kelly in 2021 is not cool, but I thought it was fitting when describing the gameplay of Chloe 18 Fake Family. This is best described as a visual novel game. You have to read a lot of text and make various decisions, do jobs, read texts, and so on to move things forward. A friend of mine warned me that there is a real grind to this game so I went in prepared. To be honest with you, the grind here I felt was no worse than many other lewd visual novel games. Sure, it makes you work to get the good stuff, but I do not think it was over the line with the grinding.


I was very impressed with what I experienced with Chloe 18 Fake Family. I thought that the story was kind of fun and trying to corrupt the whole family was a goal that I was certainly down with. Above all else, the visuals are going to be what drives you to keep on playing this game. It is such a great-looking game that it is impossible not to be impressed by it. I am sure I would have liked it even more if I had more familiarity with Chloe and her games before I started.


  • This game looks great
  • I liked how there was animation in the sex scenes
  • Some of the dialogue is very funny
  • There are some very interesting characters


  • Some people may be put off by the grind
  • The text could have done with being in a text box to make it easier to read

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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