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a game by FlyingShine
Platform: PC (2005)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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Swan Song is a visual novel that is a classic and hasn't gotten old at all since the year it was released (namely 2005). Users call it "depressing and sometimes frightening" - just what you need, right? The world of Swan Song is a world where no one understands anyone, where empathy is forever forgotten.


On the night of Christmas Eve, when deep snow falls, there was a great earthquake in the mountains. The town, which was nearby, began to collapse. Several young survivors meet in the church that survived the collapse. They huddle together and try to comprehend what has happened. The company was left there to endure a difficult winter. They lived in conditions with no communication with others and cramped living conditions. There was no radio, so it was impossible to clearly assess the extent of the damage caused by the earthquake. No helicopters were visible even days later, and it has such a compelling force that it makes you think, "We may be the last survivors." Despair is further exacerbated by intense physical exhaustion. Just when the characters think they have finally met a human being, they will find one who will take advantage of the chaos and use violence.


The main character in this piece is Tsukasa Amago, he always looks at things calmly and objectively, has a strong will and goes his own way. In utter despair, he does not give up. He had a talent for music, but because of an accident, Tsukasa can no longer play the piano. He is not interested in the positive evaluations of those around him.

Takuma Kuwagata makes frequent appearances in the short story SWAN SONG. What happened to him shocks his psyche profoundly. Takuma is constantly reflecting. He feels disgusted by what has happened.

Shin Tanomura. He strongly influences the course of the story. He can lead the player to either a "bad" ending or a "good" ending, he is a key figure. In his hands will be the salvation of Takuma Kuwagata. Shin Tanomura always acts cautiously, and some people mistake this for indecision, but he is quite determined. His strength of mind is the key to reality. Shin has tamed emotions and instincts. In every difficult situation, he remains human.

Aroe Yasaka is a girl with an autism spectrum disorder who lost her guardian sister in the earthquake. She is attached to Amago Tsukasa and is fully protected. In a world of despair and loneliness, what role is there for a girl who cannot communicate normally and survive on her own? Aroe does not exist as an individual; she helps those around her to open up. Aroe's sincerity and the fact that she does not threaten anyone creates a safe environment that is conducive to revealing emotions, thoughts, and ideas.


A few facts about the text:

  • Accessible verbal form that everyone can understand
  • Lots of psychology and introspection - human anxieties, hopes, and guilt are described
  • There is often an earthquake effect on the screen, which makes the text difficult to read
  • Quite a few long lines, and hard to read

Swan Song is a masterpiece depicting people living in a world that has lost order after an earthquake. The text on the screen is sometimes questionable, but the script is terrific. One thing I can say about the drawings is very cool. Recommended to fans of A Little Lily Princess and Diabolik Lovers: Lost Eden.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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