White Album

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a game by Leaf
Platform: Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
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White Album
White Album
White Album
White Album

Being the favorite of the most successful idol in Japan and a university student at the same time is a difficult task for the protagonist of the visual novel for adults - White Album. It's up to you to decide the right thing to do.

Tough Decision

Toi Fuji is one of the lucky few who manage to get into university. He has problems with his girlfriend, whom he meets on a daily basis and who takes up almost all of his free time. Yuki Morikawa is the main character's girlfriend and the most famous young idol. Yuki can't decide whether she wants to focus more on her work or on her relationship. Will the characters stay in a relationship after the test of time and distance? Follow your own path, with your own choices in White Album.

A bloomer for just one student

Throughout the story, Toy will have more than one opportunity to make a change in his relationship. If the player does choose to part ways with the famous idol in the person of Yuki, the protagonist is still not doomed to a lonely student life. Choose girls from the environment to create new relationships:

  • Yuki Morikawa - even after breaking up with Yuki, Toya will still have a chance to get her back
  • Rina Ogata - Yuki's rival in everything. Another idol and former acquaintance of the main character who not only wants to win Yuki's place but also the main character's heart.
  • Misaki Sawakura is a third year student of the same university that the main character attends. A caring and sweet girl who helps students like a big sister
  • Haruka Kawashima is the main character's childhood friend. She loves sports, but is too quiet for noisy games, preferring walks to classes at the gym.
  • Mizuki Mana is a high school girl that Toya works for as a tutor, and is so antisocial that she occasionally misses classes and time with Toya.

Life is never easy

Whichever one you choose, dramatic events will continue to happen. Sort out the tangle of feelings for all the girls, protect the lady of your heart and choose your own future. The main character faces difficulties all the time and only with your help he can find his perfect destiny.


A visual novel for adults, not only because of the erotic scenes, but also because of the confusing and complex plot. Difficult not for passing, but for making choices. Each girl has her own difficult fate and each wants to help and protect, but who your hero will stay with - you decide yourself in the visual novel - White Album.

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Playstation 3

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