Beth the Exhibitionist

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a game by ENF Stuff
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Beth the Exhibitionist
Beth the Exhibitionist
Beth the Exhibitionist
Beth the Exhibitionist

Beth the Exhibitionist is a visual novel about a cute anime girl named Beth. The little girl in the title role is a young beauty with an attractive face and an ordinary girlish figure. Act on her behalf and meet her girl friend, Japanese girl Miku.

Girlfriend Beth

We have to say a few words about this living angel. Her big eyes look like two blue oceans. When Beth's beautiful and neat lips turn into a smile, all the men around her melt. The petite height and narrow shoulders look cozy, Beth creates a kindly atmosphere. The little girl is not a grown woman at all. Beth is an adult girl (who has already turned eighteen, don't worry).

Miku Girl

Beth is very lusty. Beth is dating Miku, a gamer girl. The black-haired, skinny girl wears a cool accessory: pink ears. Two small strands of hair fall over her face, Miku looks out from under her hair and a miniature nose sticks out from there. Miku listens to rock and likes to watch streamers with Beth.

Controversy and Adventure

The girls often make daring bets with each other. For example, to seduce someone or walk naked in the street. Beth and Miku are lovers of sparking the gaze of a watching man or girl. Hot blood flows inside and everyone around them knows it.

Beth the Exhibitionist is a game about a random funny accident. Beth, by coincidence, finds herself inside her hotel room naked. Completely naked. In order not to get cold, the little girl wrapped herself in plaid, which she took off the hotel bed.

The player controls the actions of the protagonist and tries to make the choice that will brighten up life and, at the same time, leave Beth safe. There is no way to lose the bet, the pay would be too much, so the protagonist goes all the way.

Gambling. Win a striptease!

The second part of the game, called Miku's Strip Trivia Night, is based on a game of chance. Two girls play strip. It is necessary to correctly answer the questions, the theme of which is the video game industry.

The player must have a good understanding of computer games to strip his girlfriend Mika naked. All the beauty of the body is ready to show itself, but you have to answer a couple of questions at once. There are five questions in one circle. To pass on, you must answer four of the five questions, otherwise the quest ends and all participants remain clothed. If the player wins, then the victory is followed by a gift - a plastic baby stripper. Three hundred interesting questions and a naked babe as a gift - perfect!


The gameplay is like this:

  • Static images follow one by one
  • The player chooses one answer from several choices
  • The chosen answer leads the story to one of the endings
  • The player reads the credits below
  • Beth the Exhibitionist is voiced by actors, a big advantage over other visual novels

Beth the Exhibitionist is a good visual novel with two little seductresses, Beth and Miku. Recommended for fans of Almost Dead, Hardcore Cruising: A Sci-Fi Gay Sex Cruise! and Sisters' Secret.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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