Love Next Door

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a game by EroBro
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Love Next Door
Love Next Door
Love Next Door
Love Next Door

Love Next Door is a sex-filled visual novel where the player becomes a successful guy just over thirty who has finally achieved a long-term goal (becoming vice president) and is now seducing two simple cuties, even thinking about getting married.

The guy is caught up in success

The protagonist is now in earthly heaven. He drives new premium cars from a car dealership or orders a courteous driver. The man wears expensive shoes and has many pairs inside his closet. Clothes from the best designers are worn on the guy's body, they are always fresh and clean. A healthy breakfast, a hearty lunch and a gourmet dinner - this is how the main character of the short story Love Next Door eats. Access to endless sessions of professional therapists is there, too. The constant attention of the most beautiful girls, sometimes even ladies from TV screens write to him - there were all sorts of things.

What lies behind the screen of glitz?

But observers only see the glamorous life, not paying any attention to the man's path. And the path was difficult, the young man studied well, got rejected by girls, he was not taken to training programs, no one believed in him. It was hard for him to take any action toward success, five times harder than it was for other people. Let's call him Jack, the first name that comes up, but the player can name the main character his soul commands. Jack got into a medium-sized company and worked very hard, trying to win the fierce competition. He didn't enjoy free time, long romantic relationships or just doing nothing. The guy was killing endless amounts of his time at work:

  • Used to come in early
  • Later on, he'd leave
  • Studying professional literature
  • Writing things down on paper and analyzing them

Unusual encounter

These actions, combined with a developed intellect, led the guy to the top of the work hierarchy - he was appointed vice president of the company. The young man, on the occasion of his promotion, decided to change his place of residence and moved into a new apartment. Bachelor apartment just craved female presence and the universe gave the guy two chances, or rather two cute roommates, who are modest and hot at the same time. The two cuties have earned the rich man's favor and now come to him one by one to do interesting things. They sleep with him. The guy is very witty and attracted by his charisma. The babes are hot in sex, you can't catch your breath, you want to do it again and again.


The visual novel is a genre where much is built on the imagination of the player. Because the user sees only the dialogues of the characters pasted on static images. When sex is on the screen, the static images turn into animations. Jack sleeps with the girls one by one and then, if the player makes the right choices, then there will also be a threesome. Help Jack make the right decisions. From these decisions will form the storyline road. Many endings give you the opportunity to return to the game after the end of the playthrough to play it again.


Recommend Love Next Door for good fun as a rich, tough guy. Dirty Fantasy and Lovely Academy are similar games.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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