Dirty Fantasy

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a game by Fallen Pie
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Dirty Fantasy
Dirty Fantasy
Dirty Fantasy
Dirty Fantasy

Dirty Fantasy is a visual novel for adults, where the most ordinary man working in an office will go on a date with charming girls from magical worlds. Kiss on the lips of a fairy tale nymph, a witch with fiery souls, a dead girl from the movie "The Ring," embrace the hot and wild Amazon. The player will become the adorable and enviable guy that all the beautiful babes want to drag into bed to get a little bit of pleasure - because we all have that need, don't we? Each new girl has a unique appearance and a more powerful sexual desire than the previous one.


A series of static images and dialogues is what the gameplay looks like. During the sexual scenes the player will be waiting for animations, in some places you can choose the angle and action. The interaction between the characters will take place through dialogue and the player is directly involved in choosing the path of the story, which will go gameplay. The developers prepared several endings for those who like to rewatch and explore new ways of their favorite games.

A few words about the girls that are going to meet: the player will see the most exotic and exciting girls' naked bodies. Not only will he see them, he'll have hot sex with them.

The player will sleep with the girls in different conditions - in the bushes of the forest, on the grass of the marvelous worlds, on the kitchen windowsill, in the closet at work, at home on the couch. Beyond that, the poses and actions are made for the most kinky. We won't write about that - check it out for yourself. The graphics will allow you to consider the most intimate details and enjoy what's going on to the fullest.


Let's plunge into the gray of everyday life: our time, a small town in the Western world. The main character is the most ordinary man who works five days a week. He doesn't have a bad life, but he's not exactly happy. The man has never had success with women, as he was no different. Women usually preferred his friends, who were talkative and cheerful. By nature, the main character had a strong body: broad shoulders, powerful arms, good body muscles, but few people saw this beauty because of the man's lack of social skills. Every morning of the office worker was repetitive... Coffee, shower, brushing teeth, blue shirt, shoes, subway, elevator - you cannot think of a more boring life than listening to the tedious voice of a boss who cannot distinguish the nagging from the necessary and useful demands to his subordinates. Anyone who has watched "Fight Club" or worked in an invisible office will understand how difficult it is to be in such an atmosphere.

It is unclear what exactly happened in the parallel world, but the guy becomes happy - life is getting better. He is gradually drawn into an exciting, interesting adventure:

  • A girl in the office calls him to see "something"
  • A pretty girl on the street asks for help with a suitcase and literally forces the main character to write down a phone number
  • Charming cutie pulls an office worker into the bushes as he walks through a city park

Dirty Fantasy is a good game for lusty fans of Sex Simulator and Treacherous Desires.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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