Girl House

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a game by Astaros3d
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Girl House
Girl House
Girl House
Girl House

Girl House is one of those games that I have been meaning to get around to for ages now. I finally had a bit of free time over the last weekend and it came across my radar and I thought I would give it a shot. It is a lewd adventure game and one that has a very bizarre story, but by the end of it, I found myself digging what I had played and thought it would be fun to share my thoughts with you guys.

Waking Up To A Nightmare

The story of Girl House is kind of hard to talk about as it sets up a very interesting premise and has some great ideas, but man does it fail to nail the ending. The basics of the story here are that you wake up in a hospital and you have lost your memory.

You have a guardian angel and devil that are there to guide you and before long you end up trying to piece together who you are and what happened to you. There are sexy girls, gangsters, and more and it really does have some great ideas, but the lead-up to the end feels very rushed.

Bad Girls Are Good

One of the things that anyone who has played Girl House will tell you about it is that it is a fantastic looking game. The character models are truly amazing with the devil being one of the sexiest devils I have ever seen in a game. There is also a very hot girl that has a real look of the current Lara Croft character model and I mean that as a very good thing! The sex scenes in the game are very well done and there is some great use of animation. Actually, the animation in the game all around is very well done as a little bit of animation are used in other scenes too which gives the game a much more cinematic feel. The game world has a realistic look to it and in all, it is one of the better looking lewd games I have played in quite a while.

Piecing It All Together

This is a lewd adventure game and it is played from the first person. Each screen in Girl House will have arrows for you to click on so that you can go to a certain place. When you are in a room or a location you can interact with various objects, people, and so on. You have items to find, puzzles to solve and people to talk to. It is your typical stuff and it does what it does pretty well.

It also has combat which is neat. The combat will have three icons at the bottom of the screen, one for blocking and one for a left attack, and one for a right attack. You and your opponent will have a health bar and you have to beat them before they beat you. I was not expecting this and thought that it was pretty cool.


I had a great time with Girl House. I think that it has some excellent ideas and it is a game that is very easy on the eyes. The whole presentation of the game actually is very well done and that certainly made me want to get all the way to the end so I could see it all. Granted, the ending is not great and feels rushed, but that did not ruin the game for me like it appears to have for many other people.


  • The devil chick could not be any hotter
  • All of the character models are well done
  • I think that the story has an interesting premise
  • The gameplay is far more varied than you would think


  • The ending just comes out of nowhere
  • It does feel rushed towards the end

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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