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a game by Madkinggames
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 4/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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For the last few years, the popularity of period pieces, medieval dramas and magical adventures have been all the rage. You need only look at Game of Thrones or The Witcher to understand the pull that this genre of media has at the moment. So with this in mind, it was only a matter of time before the adult gaming industry would throw their hat into the ring and aim to create a title that has all the makings of a narrative masterpiece, you know, with more bits on show. This is Vis (or Viz), a game of corruption, power and unsurprisingly, sex.

Great Concept, Poor delivery

This game promises to be an epic adventure right from the off. You take control of the Prince of Colonia, a newly formed kingdom that rules its domain with an iron fist. On your travels, you will encounter many interesting characters, vast landscapes and make decisions that will decide the fate of the kingdom. You can either be a cutthroat leader like your father or choose a different path. The choice is yours.

This base premise is wonderful on paper but in execution, this leaves a lot to be desired. The story fails to relate back to your heritage or regal status at all throughout your journey. The game has very poor pacing with the game essentially boiling down to a lot of sex than a lot of death with little substance or context to tie the two notions together. Then to top it all off, the game relies heavily on the angle of incest to draw players in. While this might be some people’s cup of tea, it’s not one that we can endorse and they do an awful job of rationalising this due to the medieval setting.

Looks Outstanding

What can be said about this title, is that the art direction and 3D renderings are stunning. The character models are fantastically designed with fitting costume designs that are very familiar to those who have played more popular medieval based games. The facial structures are great, the environments are fitting with the desired setting and really do offer some phenomenal vistas that add to the immersion for the player. Then on top of that, the more crude assets are captured pretty well too. Overall, a wonderful looking game in all respects.

It’s an Adult Game?

Now we are all for a story that is subtle in its more mature content. Using this sparingly isn’t necessarily a bad thing if done skilfully. However, this game rarely uses sexual encounters in its story and when it does, the content is either mindless, very tame or fails to hit the mark, falling flat and not being in keeping with the context of the storyline. Basically, this game doesn’t offer enough adult content and the content it offers feels like a failure on the developers part.

A mature Medieval Mishap

While this game promises an adventure that is scintillating, action-packed, full of nuance and romance. Sadly, the game is one that skims the surface of what is possible and fails to deliver on its promises on almost all accounts. The one saving grace for this game is the outstanding graphical detail that is provided by the developers. Clearly, this has been a focus above all else and if you are drawn to visual adult titles above narrative-heavy ones, there may be something here for you.


Might is the keyword though, as the sexual acts are few and far between and the writing does not fill the spaces well enough to carry the player through. Then the focus on incest with no reference to the time period and the family ties within monarchies is the final nail in the coffin in our opinion. In short, this is a game that looks great, had the potential to offer one of the most detailed and grown-up stories within the genre to date but in the end, all you can really feel is disappointed.


  • Interesting setting and concept
  • Phenomenal visuals


  • Lack of sex scenes
  • Poor writing and pacing
  • Incest features heavily with no context

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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