The Witcher

a game by CD Projekt RED
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The Witcher
The Witcher
The Witcher
The Witcher

The Witcher Is one of the best RPGs ever made, but there haven't been that many quality fan-made additions to the game. The team behind this add-on may well have rectified this scandalous situation, even if just a little. Deception is a new two to three hour adventure in which Geralt has to clear the name of his old friend Dandelion the Bard, who has been accused of murder.

Let's get this out of the way first: Deception is a little bit buggy. My copy of the game crashed a few times while I was playing (though I was using the Steam version of The Witcher, so there might have been compatibility issues) and the optimisation wasn't all it could be.

Some of the text is spoken, with the actor portraying Geralt doing a good job (Dandelion isn't so impressive, sadly) but there are numerous occasions where the characters are silent, as if the developers were unable to record the voices for these bits.

Still, most of these things (except the crashes) are easily ignored. The murder mystery story won't take you too long to plough through, but you'll have as much fun as you did doing any of the more extensive side quests in the main game. The town could have been fleshed out a bit more too, but it's well designed and feels reasonably authentic in the context of the Witcher universe.

Aside from the optimisation issues, Deception is as visually impressive as the original game was and getting it to work is a doddle (although you should back up some files that could be overwritten in the process). As a first effort and one of the few proper mods available for The Witcher, it's a decent experience, and one we hope is followed up by more adventures in the near future.

There is one thing we would have liked, if it were at all possible - deciding what Geralt's skills are before starting out, like in the game's official extra content. At the moment, your character basically has three stars in each range of abilities and all the skills unlocked in each one. We'd have liked to have been able to either transfer our existing Geralts from the main game or, if that wasn't possible, just start with loads of attribute points to assign. Make it so, as Captain Picard was so wont to say.

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