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a game by Tarte
Platform: PC (2004)
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 review
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Hinatabokko is one of the most charming and heartwarming XXX visual novels I have played. Does this game have a lot of graphic sex in it? Well, it does, but at the same time, it is a game that also has a great deal of heart and I found myself getting very connected to the characters on an emotional level as well as thinking that they were super cute.

Serving Coffee And Getting Laid

The story has a ton of charm to it and I pretty much hung on everything that was happening as I was so invested in the tale that Hinatabokko was weaving. The main character is a college student that is called Hayami. He lives with his sister and due to a series of events, they have to leave their home and find a new place to live. He comes across Natsuki who runs a coffee shop and he knows her because her sister, Hinta used to be his teacher in high school and he had a major crush on her.

Eventually, Natsuki offers him a job at her coffee shop and a place to stay which he graciously accepts. Mainly because he still has a thing for his ex-teacher. From here, other ladies are thrown into the mix and Hayami ends up having to try and find which one of these ladies is the right one for him.

Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

As this is a visual novel game, you will not be shocked to hear that the gameplay on offer in Hinatabokko is making various choices as you play the game. You have different routes to play through and each one will be based on a particular girl that you are trying to get to know better. I found all of the ladies in the game interesting and actually wanted to see the end of all the scenarios.

I have to say that I was not actually disappointed with a single on. Of course, I had my favorite which was Hinta as I loved her personality, and the fact, she was hot did not hurt either. What made this such an interesting experience was the way that all of the ladies felt like they could in some way be a good fit for Hayami.

It Was All A Dream!

Was said by the great Biggie Smalls, but that has nothing to do with the visuals of Hinatabokko. However, the whole game does have this kind of dream-like filter to everything. I think it is the color pallet they have used. I really, really like the way that this game looks. Each girl is cute and the backgrounds all fit together perfectly well to really make you feel like you are in this world and a huge part of this story.

There is also a lovely soundtrack to this game with the ending song being something that really clicked with me. They managed to get the right piece of music for each scene so I give them a ton of credit for pulling that off.


I think if someone said that I had to make a list of the most charming lewd visual novel games that I had played. Hinatabokko would feature pretty close to the top of that list. The story has some very hot sex scenes do not get me wrong. However, there is a real heart and soul to this whole story that really connected with.


  • The game looks like a dream
  • The soundtrack could not be any more fitting
  • I liked all of the characters
  • All of the characters felt like they could be a good fit
  • The sex is still very hot!


  • Some proper animation would have been great
  • The game may not be graphic enough for some folks

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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