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Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Uni is a rather interesting sandbox style of visual novel game that I have spent a bit of time with recently. It is worth mentioning that as I write this and the current version that I played is still very far from actually being finished. Still, what is here has a decent level of polish to it and as the game gets updated, I am sure that it is going to just get better and better as there does seem to be a lot planned for this game.

The City Of Uni

The name of the game, Uni, is actually the city where the game is set. You play as a chick who is trying to balance it all. You need to make sure that she is going to school and staying on top of things there. She needs to have a job so that she can pay money and you also need to decide what kind of girl she is going to be!

Are you going to make her a good girl? Or will you let that corruption meter go nuts and have her be a real slut that puts it all around town? A huge part of the appeal I am sure of this game is the way it lets you do what you want. Still, with that being said, the main storyline is rather short and linear, but there is more to do than just that.

Not Quite Anime

I was very impressed with the visuals of Uni. The game has an animated look and it is kind of like they wanted to go for an anime kind of style, but they decided at the last second to tone it down just a tad. I know this sounds strange, but it does actually work and I found the whole game to be very appealing.

As the game is not yet finished, there are still some lewd scenes that are just text as they have not yet been completed. Also, the sound is lacking as that has not yet been added, well at least that is the case for the version I was playing. These issues did not ruin the game for me and they are coming with a later update.

Off The Beaten Path

If you play Uni and just rigidly stick to the main story, you will blow through all that this game has to offer in no time at all. I am sure this will all be fleshed out as the game moves along with development. However, as of right now playing the main story is only a small portion of what this game has to offer.

From your main area (which is your apartment) you can move around the town as you wish. Going to school, working at your job, and running into folks at various places is all going to give you stuff to do. You need to make money so that you can pay your rent and also buy new outfits. You need to be social so that you can make friends and get screwed if that is the direction you wish to take. There may not be a great deal to do right now, but it does show a lot of promise.


Even though I feel Uni has a long way to go before it is completed, I do like the direction that the game appears to be going in. I liked the story of the game and how it had a bit of everything thrown in. The game also has a very interesting art style, that I am sure many of you guys are going to enjoy. I do feel that this is worth checking out, but just know that the game is still not yet finished.


  • There are many interesting characters to chat with
  • The game gives you a lot of freedom
  • I thought the presentation was pretty solid
  • Some awesome XXX scenes
  • The game is going to get quite a bit of content added to it


  • The main story is very short
  • Some of the scenes are not yet done and are just text

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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