LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze!

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a game by mtrellex
Platform: PC (2024)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze!
LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze!
LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze!
LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze!

As I write this, LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze! Has only been out for a couple of weeks and as of right now, there is not a ton of content here. However, I was not immune to the huge milf bent over that the title image for this game has so I decided to give it a try and see what it was all about. Let me tell you this if you love big boobed and thick milfs, you need to give this game a try as even in the early state that it is in as I write this, the ladies alone make this worth checking out.

Lemonade With A Side Of Big Tiddy Milf

There is not much in the way of a story here in LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze!. We play as a young man who finds that he has these mind control powers. Well, the only reasonable thing to do with these powers was to use them to open up a lemonade stand that is basically a front so that we can have sex with all of the hot milfs that are in our town. The writing for the bits of text that are in the game is completely over the top and I found myself getting a real chuckle out of it all.

Mom, Is That You?

I do have to say again that LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze! As I write this is still very early in development and the developer is going to add more milfs and story to the game. However, there is a real incest thing going on with the story that I found hard to follow. There are so many hot milfs in this dude's street, I wish that incest was not a thing. They have it so that you can turn the pregnancy stuff on or off and I wish that they would also do that with the incest stuff as well. Hey, it is not the worst thing in the world and it did not make these hot milfs any less hot, but I would still have liked the option for at least the moms to be aunties or just a random chick from down the street.

A Suck Of My Lemonade Popsicle!

Was that a bit too vulgar? Well, you are looking at a lewd game so chances are you do not think so. The developer of LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze! Has said that they wanted this game to be all about the lewd content and not convoluted with controls or gameplay mechanics that get in the way of the fun. As a result, there is very little gameplay here, I guess you could say that there is a mini-game, but most of what you are doing here is just going from one scene to the next. To be honest, I have no problem with this as the game at the end of the day is all about showing off that amazing lewd art, speaking of which!

What We Are All Here For

I have to say the fact that the MC in LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze! Gets these powers and then decides that railing milfs via a sham lemonade stand is the best use of them is awesome! The presentation here is fantastic, I love thick ladies and this game has some of the hottest thickest babes that I have seen in a lewd game this year. The fact that the MC is this little skinny dude kind of makes the babes look even thicker. There is not a ton of XXX content in the game just yet and I saw most of it in my first session with the game. Yet, it is all done so well, that I am very excited to see more of it when they release the next update.


I came to LeMOMnade: Family Squeeze! Because of the big milf bent over on the title page and I have to say that the game more than delivered on that premise! This is a fun and over the top lewd game for those of you that love thick ladies and who want a lewd experience that is more about seeing great XXX images than gameplay. There may not be a lot to the game as I write this, but this is going to be a game I check on regularly to see if there is more content. I will give this a score when more content has been added to it. In this early stage, I would probably say it is shaping up to at least be an 8/10 style game.


  • It has some awesome thick ladies
  • The premise of the story is hilarious
  • I appreciate how it is all about just railing hot milfs
  • While very shallow, I got a kick out of the writing


  • As of me writing this, the game is very short
  • I could do without the incest stuff in the story

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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