Tamer Vale

Install Tamer Vale and you will be playing one of the wildest XXX deckbuilding games ever made! Play as one of three sexy warriors as you build your deck and fight all kinds of horny monsters.
a game by PixelBee
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 10 votes
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Tamer Vale
Tamer Vale
Tamer Vale
Tamer Vale

When I heard that Tamer Vale was a deckbuilding game that flirts with being a roguelite and it also has lewd pixel art, I was like sign me up!!! I have had such a blast playing this one! I will admit off the bat that the initial release is a bit light on content, but the developer has said that they plan to update the game regularly so I am very excited to see what they have in store. I will also say that this is perhaps the perfect deckbuilding card battler for those of you who normally find this kind of thing a bit too intimidating as it is very easy to get to grips with.

Corruption In The Land!

The plot of Tamer Vale is lewd fantasy stuff at its best. There is a hidden elven village that sees three of its bravest, strongest, and hottest warriors have to leave its safety. The reason that they are doing this is that there is this corruption that has been spreading and only they and their special rituals (which as this is a lewd game, I guarantee you know what these are!) can prevent the corruption from fully taking over the land!

Three Is Never A Crowd!

As of me writing this, Tamer Vale has three hot elven warriors for us to play as, but they are going to be adding more. Each one has her own playstyle and special ability so there is a good reason to test them all out to see which one you like best. I liked the one who was more like a straight up warrior, but you also have a summoner and a rogue that can whip up these potions that she can use in battles. To be honest, their look and their special ability are the only things that separate them, but that is enough to make playing as them all worthwhile.

The Perfect Deck

As I said, Tamer Vale is a deckbuilding style of game and there are over 150 different cards that you can build your deck from. Upgrading, managing, and cutting cards from your deck are part of the gameplay. I found this one of the easier deckbuilding games to manage and even the cards you get when you start your journey can take you far. Battles are turn based and you also have a few boss battles along the way. You get to choose a path, but this at the moment is rather limited. What is here is fantastic, there is just not a lot of it in this first release.

Pixel Perversion Passion!

The pixel art that they have gone for here is awesome. The three hot elven chicks that make up the heroes in Tamer Vale are awesome. I love their designs and the way that they move is awesome. The monster/enemy designs are cool, but I do wish there were more of them. The XXX content here which is how they can cure the land is more of the hentai variety. By that I mean we have these hot elven chicks banging monsters which is never something I find sexy, but I will admit the pixel art and the animation quality is very high. Oh, I also have to say that the background designs are fantastic, they are so good, that you kind of take them for granted.


I have read a few other reviews of Tamer Vale where people complain about how short it is. To be honest, I think the fact that the developer has said that frequent updates are going to be coming makes that okay in my book. This is such a fun deckbuilding game and as it is so accessible and simple, I feel like it is a game that anyone can have fun with. It is also a lewd game too which is awesome and I cannot wait to see more hot characters added to it in the future!


  • You have three characters to select from
  • The pixel art is very well done
  • Building a powerful deck is very easy
  • More content is going to be added to the game


  • You can get through the game relatively quickly
  • The whole girls' banging monster thing never gets my motor running!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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