The Star Cove Incident

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a game by Smiling Dog
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 7 votes
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The Star Cove Incident
The Star Cove Incident
The Star Cove Incident
The Star Cove Incident

With a very “Japanese” kind of vibe to it, The Star Cove Incident ended up being a lewd game that I greatly enjoyed my time with. Now, I will admit I can see why the short length of the game and the fact there is not exactly a ton to do here put some people off. However, for a short experience and a game that is not too demanding of the player, I found things here to be pretty well done and if they do decide to update the game with some more content, you can bet I will be back here to see what is on offer.

Live By The Sea

The story of The Star Cove Incident takes place in a small fishing village that is called Star Cove. It is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone and people here are pretty tight. As this is a fishing village, pretty much everyone that lives in this village has their life connected to the sea in some way or another. Things are pretty quiet until one day something strange is caught!

The Incident

I do not want to go into too much detail about the twist of The Star Cove Incident, but you can probably figure it out pretty quickly. The story takes a twist when a strange person/creature washes up one day and the story is basically about being taken care of or being corrupted in one way or another. It is short, but I think there is something pretty interesting here and when I reached the end of it, I found myself wanting more so I certainly hope they come back and add more story to the game.

A Style Like Many Others

At the start of this review, I did mention how I felt that The Star Cove Incident had a kind of “Japanese” vibe about it. What I meant about that was the way that the game looked. Not just the characters, but the whole game has a rather anime kind of style to it, but in a somewhat realistic way. I love this kind of art style and found the whole game to be very appealing from a visual point of view. On the flip side of this, if this kind of art style usually does not click with you, you may have a harder time getting into things here.

Fate Determined By Choices

While there is a bit of corruption going on in The Star Cove Incident, I would say that the game more fits into that of a standard lewd visual novel than anything else. You get to make choices as the story progresses and these pop up more frequently than you would think. The choices are usually pretty easy to figure out, but I got so invested in the story that I did find myself wanting to ask or say different things so I could see how the dialogue would play out.


While there may not exactly be a whole lot to The Star Cove Incident, I found this to be a very interesting game and a game that I was determined to see the end of. I ended up playing it through in just one sitting and it left me wanting more. I am not sure if there is more content to come here, but if you want a lewd game that is short and easy to get into, you cannot go wrong with this one here.


  • I liked the fishing village the game was set
  • The whole vibe that the game has is good
  • I liked the twist that the story took
  • It is a game that is not demanding a great deal of time or effort from the player


  • You can pretty much see all the game has to offer in one sitting
  • If you are not a fan of the anime style when it comes to visuals, this may not be for you

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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