The Twelve Days of Christmas

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a game by Slow Burn Games
Platform: PC
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The Twelve Days of Christmas
The Twelve Days of Christmas
The Twelve Days of Christmas
The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas is a visual interactive story about the plight of Amy and her lover. Get the kids away from the screens, the game contains adult content!

Amy's father is a tyrant. The young couple will have to hit the social bottom and endure all the hardships of making new money.

Girl in a Hedgehog's Mitt

Amy was kept strict from childhood. The girl had to do well in school, do her homework, and be exemplary with her parents. Her father was brutal if Amy disobeyed him. The punishments were unceremonious, but the tyrant never crossed the line and controlled himself.

Dating Time and the Age of Adolescence

As the girl began to grow into adulthood and when teenage thoughts arrived, Amy began to be asked out on dates. Boys were showing signs of attention and looking to meet the girl. However, her father, for unknown reasons, discouraged his daughter's suitors. He justified this by the need to study and not be distracted from important matters.

Amy was no fool and constantly circumvented her father's inhibitions. Amy went out with boys late at night and even kissed.

Adulthood and running away from home

The control continued after the girl came of age. However, the protagonist had already had a relationship and was actively dating one enviable boy. The couple was planning an escape. Under the pretext of going out to the store, Amy ran away from home with her lover. The couple traveled to a nearby million-dollar city. Life was hard, but the young lovers coped with the challenge and even earned the minimum money they needed to live honestly.

A father's ultimatum

A happy ending and a long good life? No such luck, Amy's father has scoured every street in the big city and found the lovers to give them a brutal ultimatum. Either the couple earns a lot of money for a couple of holidays before Christmas, or the father takes the girl FOREVER to his house, since the young man is unable to provide a decent living for Amy. After loud words, the father leaves.


This is where the gameplay begins. The player takes on the role of Amy and tries to earn money by selling her body. The dilemma is to get as much money as possible by spending as little effort as possible and losing as little honor as possible.

The girl will go to a wealthy neighborhood and offer her striptease to the golden youth and, for a fee, intimate services. The bald and nasty businessmen will enjoy looking at the young body. The player's task is not to fall into a dangerous trap.


  • The player looks at the juicy pictures.
  • Reads character dialogues
  • Player chooses a line and action

Cool renders are a strong point of The Twelve Days of Christmas. The pictures are of extremely high quality.


The Twelve Days of Christmas is a sexy visual novel about a girl who is forced to trade her own body to live a life apart from her tyrant father. Recommended for fans of Her Birthday, The Dead End and Sisters' Secret.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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