Closed Game

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a game by Empress, Ltd.
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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Closed Game
Closed Game
Closed Game
Closed Game

Closed Game is a lewd visual novel that is certainly something of an acquired taste. This is a game where the developer clearly knew that there was going to be a bit of a niche audience for their game. What makes me say this? Well, the game has a big warning about there being rape and scat in the game and it is unavoidable! To be honest, if you have a problem with either of those things in a lewd game and you still play this, that is on you! However, on the plus side, those are two rather extreme specialist fetishes so if that is your kink, at least you know for sure that this game has that.

Setting The Stage For Something Great

Taking away the warning for scat and rape, Closed Game did actually have me pretty interested in the premise of the story. It sounds like some kind of sci-fi epic. Earth is in pretty bad shape and the people stuck on Earth wish that they could live up in space in this city that is floating in orbit called Caelum Urbs. The twist is that there is going to be a battle to the death to see who gets to ascend! This sounds awesome, it is actually like a sci-fi anime type deal, perhaps a little bit like Alita Battle Angel, but with a lot more poop and hardcore sex.

Is That A Wrench In Your Pocket?

The thing is, Closed Game has a great premise, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Our MC is some kind of mechanic and this dude has to be one of the dumbest people in the universe. They make just bad decision after bad decision and while that is not great, all of the other people that we come across and add to our little party are as dumb as a bag of rocks too. The story really struggles to get its point across with overly long bits of dialogue that never add much to the story or just straight-up retells us something that happened just a scene or two ago. It is a real pity too as I think that they had something cool with the premise here.

A Poopingly Good Time

The lewd content in Closed Game is about as extreme as you can get and let me tell you the scat warning they give you is for a very good reason; the brown stuff is all over this game. Hey, if that is your thing, no judgment, but they could have been a bit more subtle about it. I mean it is good I guess that the game goes so hard on it as not many games do and I guess if you are going to do it you probably feel like you should go all in. To be fair, the art in the game is very well done, a bit of animation would not have hurt, but the quality of the character designs is pretty good. As I said, the game is very, very graphic so that is something to consider before you bravely jump in here.

Why Even Ask?

Closed Game is a lewd visual novel, but it has an extremely linear path. I would guess that like 85 percent of the game is locked and only a couple of choices you make will lead to one of the different endings. The best example I can give is when I was given a choice to stay as a group or not, I said to stay as a group, but everyone went their own way anyway.

I do not mind a kinetic visual novel, but I hate being given a choice when that choice clearly does not matter, what is the point? At least makes me feel like my choices are making a difference.


I am not going to say that Closed Game is a terrible game because it is not. At the end of the day, if you are someone who gets a kick out of scat in your lewd game or perhaps you have wanted to see if you have the stomach for it, the game is worth playing. Not many lewd games will be as on the nose with scat as this one is so I guess I can kind of respect what they did here.


  • If you like scat, you will like the art in this game
  • To be honest, some of the art is very well drawn
  • I felt that the story had a solid premise
  • There are a few different endings


  • If you are into scat, this game is not for you
  • Most of your choices are completely pointless

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Closed Game is an anime-style visual novel in which you have a chance to leave your dreary earthly abode and move to the heavenly city of Heaven.


Earth is in decline - resources are depleted, and disease and war are rampant. Everyone dreams of going to Heavenly City, a special place for the chosen few. There you can live in safety, and the local scientists have invented immortality. But such a chance comes to earthlings very rarely. Sometimes the inhabitants of Heaven start a game of survival, and then the winner has the right to become one of them. But the tests are very difficult, going against all the rules of morality and ethics. This time 4 girls will try their luck: Lacey, Celine, Cocona, Marielle, Silicia, two guys Tonga and George.


The place of the mortal battle stanine city Calum, which is in orbit, between Earth and Heavenly City. All participants are dressed in special uniforms with rather revealing cutouts.


If you want more similar projects, games like Meltys Quest, Kuroinu Chapter 1, and White Album 2 are the way to go.


  • Beautiful music
  • Recognizable art style
  • Deep and engaging storyline
  • Lush girl shapes perfectly animated


  • Since the game is sexual in nature, it is only suitable for adult gamers

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