Big City's Pleasures

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a game by Porcus
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Big City's Pleasures
Big City's Pleasures
Big City's Pleasures
Big City's Pleasures

Big City’s Pleasures is a decent lewd sandbox style of game that I put a fair bit of time into over the last week. I had been meaning to get around to this one for a while and I can see why so many people like this game. I am pretty sure that as I write this there is a pretty big update that is due to come out so the game is not 100 percent finished. However, I felt that what I played certainly let me get a good impression of what the final version will be like.

Three’s Company

The whole premise of the story in Big City’s Pleasures is something that I enjoyed. Tony is a young guy who has to leave his rural home in order to move to the big city. Thankfully, his childhood friend Gina says that Tony can move in with her and her roommate Jesse. Of course, both Gina and Jesse just so happen to be smoking hot! We have a love triangle story that starts off amazing, but I think as they add more characters and “twists” it does start to lose a bit of steam.

Doing Nothing For 30 Seconds

As you would expect, Big City’s Pleasures has a fair bit of griding in it. This is a sandbox style game so you have to be at certain places at certain times, say and do the right thing and you also have relationship points that you have to build up too. The grind in this game can be rather frustrating, I swear that there is one section where you literally just have to wait and do nothing for 30 seconds! It is like grind for the sake of grind. It is not horrible and I have experienced worse, but forcefully making the player do nothing just for the sake of it was a little on the nose.

My Best Friend Is Hot!

The two main girls that you meet at the start of Big City’s Pleasures are drop dead gorgeous, but actually, all of the female characters in this game are very easy on the eyes! The whole game has a realistic look about it and I think that they do a great job of making sure each girl has her own style. I also really liked the lewd content in the game, especially as it felt like it dished it out at a very fair rate. The sex scenes in the game are animated too and while some are a tad on the short side, I still felt that they were done very well.


I had a good time with Big City’s Pleasures. I think that if the grind was not quite as bad as it was, I probably would have scored this a half point higher. I liked the start of the story much better than the latter half; I think if they just focused on the two girls you are with at the start it would have been a more coherent and focused kind of story. Still, even with that being said, if you enjoy lewd sandbox games, I recommend that you give this one a try.


  • I liked the fish out of water style of story
  • The story starts out really strong and grabs you right away
  • I liked the whole friend, but she is hot dynamic with Gina
  • The sex scenes in the game are animated and pretty awesome


  • The story loses steam as more and more characters are added
  • The grind can sometimes feel rather unfair

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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