The Addams Family Cheats

SNES Cheats

Snap Thing's fingers

Press L + R during the opening sequence to snap Thing's fingers.

Level's passwords

Level №1- Password is 3847; Level №2- Password is 5113; Level №3- Password is 3904; Level №4- Password is 1970; Level №5- Password is 8624; Level №6- Password is 2596; Vs. Battle 1- Password is 0411; Vs. Battle 2- Password is 007; Vs. Battle 3- Password is 1212.

Secret power-up room

At the start of the game, enter the hall of stairs and move to the left. Press Up after passing the last door on the left to enter a secret door that leads to Pugsley's Den. Go through thesecond secret door to reach a hidden power-up room behind the stairs.

Extra lives

Move to the left edge of the screen instead of going through one of the two doors at the "Continue/Quit" screen that appears when a game is over. You will enter a secret room that contains four extra lives. To immediately display the "Continue/Quit" Screen, press Start during game play, highlight the quit option and press Select.

During game play, find the bear's mouth that is not a source for the small bears. Walk into this mouth to find extra lives.

Basement passage

Enter the music room and wait for the music to end. The passage to the basement will now be accessible.

100 lives

Enter 1111.


Enter &#KKN.

After Pugsley

Enter V1913.

After Grandma

Enter B&J15.

After Wednesday

Enter BD#K4.

After Fester

Enter BL91B.

5 Hearts, Pugsley rescued

Enter BZXYC.

72 Lives, Granny rescued

Enter BDSXY.

72 Lives, 5 Hearts, only Morticia missing

Enter BLKX8.

80 Lives, 5 Hearts, Granny & Pugsley rescued

Enter B&1&B.

100 Lives, 3 Hearts, Sword

Enter 71117.

100 Lives, 4 Hearts, Sword

Enter W111W.

100 Lives, 5 Hearts, Sword

Enter 21112.

Final door open

Enter BLS&P.

Extra Lives

  • Ocean/Super NES

This is one game that requires skill and agility to get far. Here is a simple password to get an amazing 100 lives! Go to the password option on the title screen and enter the numbers 11111. You will start the game in the hall of stairs and the counter will read 00, but after you die once, it will read 99!

Some Cheats

  • Ocean/Super NES

Once you start the game, go in the hall of stairs and then proceed to the left. Once you are past the last door to the left, push UP and there will be a secret door that leads to Pugsley's Den. Go through the 2nd secret door and you will be "Behind the Stairs." The map below shows the power rooms.