The Adventures of Batman and Robin Cheats

Genesis Cheats

Holy Bat Getaways!

If I don't receive some personal 'thank you' notes for this one, then there is no justice in the world. Let's face it, this game is tough and any help would be nice, but the ability to skip from one level to the next at any point would be even better. Right? Well, let's just say your 'bad luck' (hint, hint) is finally over.

SNES Cheats

Restart trick

Pause the game and return to the Batcave to restart the level with full energy, additional lives, and more continues.

Pow, Bit, Passcodes

Having trouble with one of Batman's menacing enemies? Well then, skip to the next one. That's what Batman would do, and now you can too. Just check out the following pass-codes and the places they can take you.


  • Manufacturer: Game Genie
  • Machine: Super NES

  • C988 - 340D -- Infinite Lives

  • C9A1-34AF -- Infinite Stars
  • E38D - C765 -- Moon Walk
  • 466B-4494 -- Full Energy From Hearts