Faxanadu Cheats

NES Cheats

Bonus gold

Speak to the King at the start of the game and spend all the

money that he awards. Return to the King to collect another 1500

gold pieces.

All items

Enter k8fPcv?,TwSYzGZQhMIQhCEA as a password.

Finding the Dragon Slayer

Start at the door to the fortress. Move and move right, up, right, and down to find a door. Enter the door and move right, down, right, right, right, and up. Enter the door at this location and defeat the monster.


Dartmoor- Password is aLf?cv?,IJNJjMFukpYQha; Forepaw- Password is B4qMAPtkCEAYxzwhA; Mascon- Password is zKPcAvt1iEQoFzwhAxjA; Victim- Password is Raz8Mvu0CIUKLhsHwgWEA; Daybreak- Password is DL7,cv20SoWOx2XIbBL4PhA; End- Password is q8f?cn?,SwSYzGYLhqSthCEA.

Secret Code

To advance to the last board before the ending of the game with plenty of power-up enhancements and other items, try using this special code: