Hook Cheats

NES Cheats

Game Genie Codes

These passwords will increase your lives, give you infinite lives, unlimited energy and even make the game more difficult. You must have a Game Genie unit to make these codes work. Remember that you can pick and mix your codes. At the Game Genie password screen, enter these codes for the Hook game:

  1. AEXVNTZA - Start with 1 life
  2. IEXVNTZA - Start with 6 lives
  3. AEXVNTZE - Start with 9 lives
  4. SZONIEVK - Infinite lives-Player 1
  5. SZXNLEVK - Infinite lives-Player 2
  6. GZVIKIST - Infinite energy for Player 1
  7. GZNSNIST- Infinite energy for Player 2
  8. AVVIXSGZ - No energy from food.
  9. AZONPEYK+AXUTNVYK+AVVIXS- GZ - Play with less energy for Player 1

SNES Cheats

Extra life loop

Fall into the first chasm on the right at the beginning of level five (the caves). Walk or fly to Tinkerbell on the bottom of this area. A leaf will appear with a 3-Up. Lose your current life and repeat the process to accumulate 99 lives.

On level 5, when you are in the caves, there is a 3-Up loop that will give you as many lives as you need. At the start of the level, fall down the first chasm on the right. You will see Tinkerbell at the bottom of the pit. Walk or fly across to the right, and you will see a 3-Up and a leaf. Go underneath the rocks to reach this. Die and repeat for many lives.