John Elway's Quarterback Cheats

NES Cheats

Turbo play

Highlight "Normal Play/Reverse Play" on the play select screen and allow time to run out. Press Down to snap the ball, and press B to pass. The receiver will be able to quickly score with no interference.

Super-Fast Players and Defensive Tips

Although it was designed as a two-player game, John Elway's Quarter-back can be played against the computer. These tricks will help you pound CPU into the turf by taking advantage of some super-secret playing techniques that give you the upper-hand!

The first trick can be used whenever you are on offense and will almost always result in an instant touchdown! When you are in the play select mode, move the cursor to the Normal/Reverse window and let the cursor sit there until the time runs out for picking a play. Doing this will make the wide receivers very quick, as well as the quarterback! To score a touchdown easily, simply press the pad down to snap the ball, hit the 'B' button right after the snap to pass the ball, and quickly run to the sidelines and up the field. You run so fast that nothing can catch you!

Also, during the kickoff, press Up on the pad and the 'B' button together rapidly. This will allign your men in a V formation and enable you to tackle your opponent on or around the 10 yard line!