Monster Party Cheats

NES Cheats

Passwords for levels

  • Level 2 - Password is rE2 KfW s6B;
  • Level 3 - Password is !P, 1Dt 6tC;
  • Level 4 - Password is ?d7 ?of Fy1;
  • Level 5 - Password is sVi !GV Vh!;
  • Level 6 - Password is FCc JRK 2Ts;
  • Level 7 - Password is T6X iAt Azn;
  • Level 8 - Password is Bs- DCI aDh;
  • End - Password is DTvgs.iNT.

Last Level Code

Forget about fighting your way through monsters and mayhem, try inputting this super code instead! This will take you past all of the creature in the previous levels and set you up for the fight of your life!

DTvgs. iNT