Super Mario Bros. 3 Cheats

NES Cheats

28 P-Wings

Complete the game, then press Start at the ending screen. The next game will begin with 28 P-Wings per brother.

Magical Whistle in Level 3

In Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES, in level 3 of World 1 there is a way to get a magical whistle that will transport you to another land. To get this whistle follow these steps:

  1. Jump on the first turtle guy, grab him (by holding the b button and walking into him) and walk forward until you see the boomerang thrower, then kick the turtle at him (by releasing the b button).

  2. Proceed forward until you come to two musical boxes and a series of blocks. Two of these blocks will be question mark boxes. On the highest row of blocks there will be a turtle pacing. Jump onto the turtle, then kick it toward the musical box on top of the blocks (all you have to do is run into him from the right side). The question mark box to the left will have no blocks below it, but two blocks on top of it. If this is the case, then jump up while you are standing just to the right of this question mark box and a red musical box will appear. Jump onto this box and while hopping on it, jump and it whill shoot you up into the clouds. There will be coins up there and the screen will move, so be sure to collect all of the coins. When you get to the pipe, the screen will stop moving. You then go down the pipe and prepare to go backwards through the level. Start going to the left once you hit the ground.(You will be going backwards through the level, towards the start of the level.) You will have to dodge and jump over things until you get to the white block. Look at the scenery as you go back through the level first you will see a blue rectangle, then a red rectangle, then a green rectangle, with another blue rectangle on top of it, then just to the left of those, a white rectangle. This white rectangle is your desired location. Jump onto it and get rid of the turtle that is pacing on top of it. Then press and hold the down button until you drop down behind the scenery. Once you are behind the scenery, run to the right, the correct direction, and run to the end of the level. You still must dodge any creatures still in the scenery however, because they can still hurt you. When you get to the end of the level, just keep running, but don't jump. If you do it correctly, then you will go to a room where tad is, and he is waiting for you with a treasure chest. Walk up to the treasure chest and claim your prize by pressing b in front of it. You will then obtain a magical flute that will transport you to a far away land.

Special Feature

  • Machine: Super NES

Special Feature: 30 Secrets Revealed!

You walk up to a magazine rack, and what do you see? Sure, there's the usual assortment of car and fashion magazines, but what's a funny little Italian plumber doing next to New York's latest fashion model? It looks like Mario may have reached superstar status. Mario Bros. games demand coverage like no other titles - many game players-gobble up any information they can find about them. And, with each new game, the brothers continue to intrigue audiences everywhere.

Everyone's looking forward to Super Mario 4 on the Super NES when it's introduced in just a few months - but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Right now, Super Mario Bros. 3 remains the single best-selling NES videogame.

In response to your constant requests, we're revisiting the crazy, colorful realm of the Mushroom World. And you can count on Bowser and his delinquent kids to be there, spreading their own special brand of mayhem.

Here's our collection of the 30 best hints we've ever offered. We'll show you some of the game's most secret locations of warp whistles, hidden coin rooms, and many more tips Mario can use on his journey. Happy hunting!

30 Secrets:

  1. Near the beginning of World 1, you'll discover a Super Leaf inside this brick. Catch the leaf, and it transforms you into Raccoon Mario. Now, take a running start to charge up your P-meter (which enables you to fly short distances), and follow this trail of coins into the clouds.
  2. In the magical Mushroom World, many valuable objects are under mounds of brick. As you approach the exit to World 1, use Koopa turtles to shatter these bricks and uncover a small treasure of coins.
  3. To reach the secret room at the bottom of this pipe in World 1-2, hit the switch block (marked by a P) to change the coins into stairs. Now you can easily slip into the narrow pipe.
  4. At the end of each world, a vertical, jagged edge scrolls onto the screen. When you see it, start running to charge up your P-meter, and launch yourself into the lower left comer of the goal box. Often this gives you a star, and after you collect three consecutive stars, you'll get five extra men.
  5. Mario isn't just an expert plumber - he's also a pretty slick card player. After you score 80,000 points, the map screen displays an N-marked spade panel. It's your chance to play a matching game for extra men.
  6. The hidden coin rooms in World 1 are just a preview of the complex, sprawling paths in this game. At the beginning of World 1 -3, use a Koopa turtle to slam through these bricks. Jump around on this newly excavated ground, and you'll discover an invisible Jump Block that tosses you into a small fortune.
  7. After you enter World 1-3, your pulse suddenly starts to race, the tension builds, and your cute moustache starts to twitch nervously - the first warp whistle must be near. Squat on this block (it takes a few seconds) until you fall through, behind the scenery. Run to the right. You'll wind up in the Toad's house, where the mysterious whistle room is located.
  8. What better place to hide the second warp whistle than in the fortress of World 1? As you approach the exit of the fort, be sure you're Raccoon Mario. With a running start, fly off-screen to the right until the screen stops scrolling. Press up to enter the hidden room where the second warp whistle is located.
  9. With your two warp whistles, you can skip all the way ahead to World 8. On the map screen, blow the first whistle; a tornado will twist you into the Warp Zone. Next, blow the second whistle, and you enter the Dark Land of World 8 - now that's moving.
  10. This stone, blasted by centuries of sandstorms in World 2-1, releases a Super Leaf when you bump the side of the stone with your hips.
  11. Surrounded by a hot, choking desert, this oasis in World 2-2 offers a cooling dip in a pool. Between these coins is an invisible block containing a one-up mushroom.
  12. Use a Koopa to crumble the blocks surrounding this pipe. It leads to the end of World 2-3, and you'll score hundreds of points in the process.
  13. Being Raccoon Mario has its advantages. In World 2-4, use your swishing tail to propel yourself up to this pipe. Squirm into it, and you'll find a room brimming with coins.
  14. Eating (or, in this case, climbing) vegetables keeps you healthy and rich in World 2-5. Stomp the Koopa, and ram it into these bricks. Then a secret vine climbs into the sky, where you'll find clouds of coins.
  15. In World 2, it helps to be Raccoon Mario inside the dusty chambers of the pyramid. If you're not Raccoon Mario, destroy one of the Buzzy Beetles crawling around and use its shiny shell to blast through the stone walls.
  16. Occasionally, you'll encounter a Hammer Brother on the map screen. This Hammer dude looks tough. However, he's easily defeated if you slide underneath and attack from below. Plus, the special items a Hammer Brother leaves behind are a big help.
  17. Finding extra men is essential in a huge game like Super Mario Bros. 3. When you visit the fortress in World 2, enter the fifth door to the right. In this room, you'll find a one-up mushroom.
  18. In this game, the slide technique is a helpful move you can try. Use it here to reveal a treasure of silver coins hanging in the sky. Remember: To get an extra Mario, you must collect 100 coins - and this is a real good start.
  19. If time allows and Bowser's crazy creatures aren't harassing you, chip away at these blocks in World 3-7. You'll uncover an extra Mario.
  20. Spike is one of Bowser's ruder pets. He throws things, like deadly spiked maces, at you. A couple of stomps gets rid of this pest, though. Then climb the vine you've unearthed to find a surprise floating over Mushroom World.
  21. Mario can transform into several animal forms, and then use their accompanying powers. To find the frog suit in World 3-9, slide down this pipe and you'll splash into an underground lake. Swim to the third pipe and enter this secret room for coins and the frog suit.
  22. Check your money and score before you leave a level. For a chance at extra coins in some worlds, you must have a double digit match for your money (i.e. 11,22, 33) that matches the tens' position (second number from the far right) in your score. The right combination sends you to the pirate ship and its glittering treasure. Before you abandon ship, though, you'll face a Hammer Brother.
  23. The fortress of World 4 is a complex maze laced with booby traps. As you crumble the Dry Bone turtles patrolling this basement path, slam into the block to the far right. Next, step on the switch block that appears. A doorway of coins will materialize, and it leads to a vast room rich in power-ups.
  24. At the entrance to World 4-5, fully charge your P-meter and fly to the pipe at the top right corner of the screen. Through this pipe, you'll find a Tanooki suit. This gives Mario the power of flight and the ability to become an invulnerable statue for a brief time.
  25. Mario's accelerated run is another neat trick to use in this game. Rather than attempting risky leaps across narrow pits, you can simply run across them.
  26. The Mushroom World is littered with Bowser's hulking, stone-walled fortresses. At the entrance to the World 7 fortress, hit these bricks to uncover a switch block that turns these slick stones into a wall of coins. Also, a Tanooki suit lies behind the secret door. Later, you can repeat this process with the same results.
  27. At the start of World 8-1, you must be Raccoon Mario to reach this pipe in the top right corner of the screen. On the other side of the pipe, slip out and kick this Question Block for three extra Marios.
  28. At the beginning of World 8-2, the hypnotic hiss of a quicksand waterfall lures you into its gritty snare. But don't panic: You'll fall out of it at the bottom. And there's a pipe to the right that leads to a coin room. You'll be near the end of the stage when you leave this room.
  29. This Starman renders you invincible. Grab it, then dive into the pit. Jump to the right to strike an invisible block that contains a one-up mushroom. Then stop jumping and wait for the mushroom to come to you. Otherwise, you'll seal yourself underneath a row of invisible blocks hanging over the pit.
  30. In the Castle of Koopa, leap around the electric Rotodisc and land on this narrow ledge, to the far right of the screen. There's an invisible block here that has a one- up mushroom. That extra man will come in handy as your strange, dreamlike journey into Mushroom World ends at the doors of Bowser's hideout.