Twin Cobra Cheats

Genesis Cheats

Bonus Continues

To get up to 14 extra continues in this incredibly challenging shooter, simply go to the green title screen by pressing START. All you have to do is hit BUTTON A till you have 14 credits!

Max Out Your Bombs

If you run out of bombs, there is a way to instantly restore your supply. Pause anywhere in the game. Then press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, and then hold BUTTON B while unpausing the game. Don't worry, you can do this as many times as you want!

Watch the Ending Without Playing the Game

If you've already beat this magnificent game and you would like to see the ending again or if you just can't get past all the levels and you want to watch the ending then do this trick. Go to the green title screen and press UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, A, B, C, and then START. The screen will flash white and then you'll get to watch the ending!