X-Men Cheats

Genesis Cheats

Trick and tricks

This code will allow you to do some incredible things in this game such as acquire unlimited health and mutant powers, warp to different levels of the game, and have an unlimited backup team. First, you must be at the title screen. When it shows, "Press Start Button," take controller 1, and hold buttons A, C, and DOWN on the pad, then press START. Now, take out controller 1 and put it into the second port on the Genesis. When the picture of Magneto appears, press START. On this controller, choose your level of difficulty and your hero. You will use the second controller to play a one-player game (if you want a two-player game, plug a controller into the first port). From here, you can jump to the upper-right area of the Danger Room and destroy the generator. This will give you a time increase in the room. Also, to the right of the hero selection part of the Danger Room, there will be 8 panels on the wall, and 6 large floor tiles underneath them. Each floor tile represents a level of the game (refer to the third picture of this game.):

  1. The Savage Land
  2. Shi'ar Empire
  3. Excalibur's Lighthouse
  4. Ahab's Future World
  5. Mojo's Crunch
  6. Asteroid M.

Bring your hero to the tile of your choice and press DOWN, and C. You will then warp to that level! If your life or mutant power meter is down, press START, and then START again to restore energy. Call on your backup team!