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Genre: Board Games
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews
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If you want fast action and intense game play in a multiscreen game, then look no further! A cross between air hockey and Crossfire, Ballistix gives you a unique opportunity to test your speed, reflexes and eye-hand coor dination. Your character rides in a hovering chariot that fires silver balls. You have to fire at a black ball and try to knock it into your opponent s goal. However, be careful, because your opponent rides in another chariot that is trying to hit the ball into your goal. As if trying to score points and defending your own goal is not enough action, there are also obstacles that can hinder your attempts. Obstacles such as rubber bands, mines and potholes that transport the ball from one side of the court to the other must be anticipated. Plus, there are splits that send an explosion of four, eight or 16 orange obstacle balls into the court. To help play, there are icons on the court that will usually, when touched, help you. With this game, you can take away your opponent's score, get a goal shield, or reverse the game play in your own favor. Thus, for a new type of game that is as different as it is fun, give Ballistix a try.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Want a recipe for action? Mix together a little soccer with some pinball, add a few demons, and toss in some high-tech weaponry. You end up with an action-filled feast called BaJlistix. This hot new TurboGrafx-16 game by Psygnosis can satisfy even the heartiest action-junkie appetite.

Play Ball!

Ballistix is like hockey or soccer gone mad. You see the vertically scrolling play field from an overhead perspective. It looks like a tiled soccer field with goals at each end. Along the sides of the field are rows of skulls with glowing red eyes. These skulls keep the ball from leaving play. The name of the game is points, and each time you sink a ball into your opponent's goal, you score one. If you or your opponent scores three points, you move onto the next nefarious field.

Moving the ball around the field is tough because you can't touch it! Instead, you shoot at the ball with a powerful portable cannon, which floats around the field. To make matters worse, the fields are littered with explosive mines, gaping pits, and secret tunnels!

Life's Obstacles

With 100 fields to choose from you'll pound plenty of playtime out of Ballistix. Each field is more obstacle-laden then the last. Red arrows on each field act like patches of ice. When the ball rolls over an arrow, it accelerates in the direction the arrow is pointing - usually opposite to where you want to go!

Fortunately, there's more to this game than overcoming obstacles. Otherwise, you might pack it in from sheer frustration. The ref provides you with secret power-ups, which enable you to send out a shower of extra balls a block off your goal from enemy shots.

Ball Options

Want more wacky options? Ballistix has plenty of 'em. For example, you can play alone against the computer, with a partner, or alone against gravity. Yes, gravity! This unique feature makes the game like a pinball machine where gravity pulls the ball down towards you. Another feature enables you to adjust the speed of the ball, the arrows' effect on the ball, and the difficulty level of the computer player (as if "easy" wasn't rough enough). With so many great choices, it may take you all Spring just to figure out which ones are your favorites.

If Looks Could Thrill

In the sound and graphics department Ballistix really keeps the ball rolling. In fact, they are both so clear, that the image of the action and the sound of the referee's voice will haunt you.

Long Attention Span

Is Ballistix the sport of the future? Maybe, maybe not. But with all the great-looking levels, the eerily realistic sounds, and the potential for days of intense challenge, Ballistix will do until the future arrives.


  • Some of the best power-ups appear In the same place on each level. Watch for them.
  • Knock the ball Into a mine if you begin to lose control. After the ball explodes, a new ball appears at the center.

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