Bingus: My Beloved

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a game by beelopeelo, and jerome
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
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Bingus: My Beloved
Bingus: My Beloved
Bingus: My Beloved
Bingus: My Beloved

Today I'm checking out the cat themed dating sim/visual novel game, Bingus: My Beloved which feels like it has been in development forever! Even as I write this, the game is not yet fully complete! To be fair to the developer, they have been really open about the development process and they do offer a free demo of the game which I feel does give you a good example of what this game is like so you can try that out before giving them your money. It is zany, weird, and full of memes, but that is what I dug about it!

Welcome To Zabloing Academy

The best thing that Bingus: My Beloved has going for it is the story. This is a game that has a high school setting, but the twist is that the characters are cats. We play as a new student at Zabloing Academy and we are trying to live our school life. The usual teenage stuff, trying to fit in, joining clubs, and of course romance! There are two love interests in the game, Bingus and Big Floppa and we have to decide which one of these feline cuties our heart belongs to.

The Love Cats

I was very impressed with the writing in Bingus: My Beloved. A visual novel/dating sim for me has to have a good story and this has a good, charming story that is made even more so by the fantastic characters. Even though they are cats, they have a ton of personality and the way that the developer plays around with and has fun with a whole bunch of meme cats is hilarious stuff. The characters all feel like they have real personalities and it is very easy to get attached to people in this game. Even though it is still being worked on as I write this, the writing is very polished.

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

The presentation of Bingus: My Beloved is great, well great if you get a kick out of cats. Our main characters Bingus and Floppy have a ton of personality in their design and I like how they look so different. Bingus is more cute and Floppy has that bad dude energy going on. The game is bright, and well drawn and I think that the variety in the cats is great as I said, the game just oozes personality. I have noticed a few visual glitches here and there, but this is a one person development and they are working on fixing stuff like that. Still, with that being said, this really is a fantastic looking game.

High School Never Ends

When it comes to the gameplay of Bingus: My Beloved what we have here is a solid dating sim/visual novel style of game. We have to navigate our high school life by doing things like joining clubs. For example, you join the music club and you have to play a mini-game where you need to keep the beat. You will be chatting a great deal with characters, listening to what they say, and then picking the response that you feel is the right one for that situation. The gameplay is great, but there are a few glitches, I had a couple of freezes and the story even repeated itself at one point so it does need a bit of technical polish.


I know that this game has been in development forever and it still does have a few things that need smoothing out. However, Bingus: My Beloved is one of those games that just makes me smile the whole time I play it. The funny thing about this is that this is a game about humanoid looking cats, but their personalities feel very real and “human”. If you enjoy dating sims and love well written characters and visual novels that have a lot of wit and a great sense of humor, I highly recommend that you check this out.


  • This game has so many interesting characters
  • It looks fantastic
  • The dating sim stuff is a lot of fun
  • I liked how it had basic mini-games to keep you on your toes


  • The game is still a bit buggy
  • It has been in development for years and it still has a little ways to go

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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