Lilith's Throne

Download Lilith’s Throne and go to another dimension filled with sex and debauchery. This is a lewd text based style game with tons of fetishes for you to dabble in. It has an epic story so it is the perfect lewd sex game if you want something with lots of sex and substance.
a game by Innoxia
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 13 votes
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Lilith's Throne
Lilith's Throne
Lilith's Throne
Lilith's Throne

Gear up and get ready for Lilith’s Throne. During a visit to the British Museum, the protagonist is transported to another dimension and must find their way back home but that doesn’t mean they can’t try the local activities while they’re visiting.

Forward Thinking

Surprisingly inclusive, given that this is an erotic game, it caters for a wide variety of fetishes and fantasies. It’s very encouraging to see consent explored in such a straightforward manner. The player is asked whether they would like to start a sexual escapade and if they would like to back out before all encounters. In addition, there is a stop option which is present in all scenarios of a sexual nature throughout the game, clearly labelled. There are also multiple ways to end a sexual encounter, from speeding up to stopping outright.

Additionally, throughout the game you can communicate preferences for specific fetishes, which are taken into account and remembered so that you do not encounter them frequently, if at all and NPCs are coded to respect others preferences.

Comparatively, Corruption of Champions II, another game on steam, has a far more streamlined yet less inclusive style of play, with less overall choice and preference represented in encounters. For me, Lilith’s Throne takes the win here. Plus, it’s free. The only downside is that although the character customization is relatively in depth, it doesn’t go one step further and permit a character to be referred to as non-binary or by any other preferred pronouns but that may be simply be an oversight.

A UI for You and Me

The game is definitely a modern upgrade on retro text games. Following the prologue, once the main story starts, there is a mini map that also serves as a movement menu which allows the player to control where the character is. It helps to visualize the space that the character is in and what they have access to. The map is simplistic but comprehensive and has icons for all main items available in the room; this is accompanied by an easy to read description. There is also a fast travel system unlocked from the start, giving you access to a variety of different settings.

The user interface also provides you with an inventory of items you currently have in your possession as well as items you currently have equipped. All items are drawn, and the artwork is professional and cohesive. Multiple artists have worked on the game, but in the opening menu, you can select which artist’s work should be predominant. Sadly, there is no option to preview these artworks so it’s something of a guessing game.

Finally, all of the actions, reactions and available options present for each room or chamber your character finds themselves in are present as commands at the bottom of the screen. This cuts out the guesswork found in many text-based games where you can spend hours trying to figure out which commands will allow your character to interact with the world around them.

Something to Write About

While decent, the writing does leave something to be desired, especially when it comes to the dialogue between characters and the descriptions of some of the erotic encounters which can come across as someone tossing a thesaurus at the script.


A lot of thought was put into the inclusivity of sexual preferences which hinge heavily on consent; a refreshing and greatly appreciated change of pace for this style of game. Not a fan of furries? This might not be for you.


  • Good character customization options
  • Well thought out consent system


  • Writing leaves something to be desired
  • Lack of menu art preview to showcase art styles

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

A buddy of mine said that Lilith's Throne is the greatest text based lewd RPG that he had ever played! I would not say that I am a huge fan of this genre, but I have dabbled in the past and had a good time and with his recommendation, I set forward to give this lewd fantasy adventure my very best try. I have to say that this game is very impressive and the sheer scope of it is so vast, that it could be intimidating for some folks to get started with! The game is still being worked on as I write this, but what is here is really deep.

No Way Home

Nope, that was not a clever reference to the latest Spider-Man movie! What we have with the story of Lilith's Throne is a fantasy epic. We play as a character that we create and we end up being transported to a strange new dimension. This dimension is a very dangerous place with all kinds of monsters, demons, and more calling it home. Our goal is to find a way home, but we get pulled into many other quests along the way.

Being Your Own Hero!

The character creation aspect in Lilith's Throne is very deep. I spent a good bit of time tinkering with my character and it reminded me of the time I would spend creating a new Dungeons & Dragons character back in my high school days. It is very, very deep, almost to the point where it may be too much for some people, but I had a lot of fun with it and could see myself jumping back in here with another character at some point.

Interactive Text

As far as lewd text based RPGs go, Lilith's Throne is one of the most interactive I have seen. We have lots of stats that we can work on, a combat system that is one of the most exciting I have seen in a game of this style! There are many quests, dialogue options, and so on. Heck, even the very graphically described sex scenes in the game are interactive. While you will be doing a great deal of reading in this game. It always keeps you involved with what is going on and that makes you feel like you are in this dangerous fantasy world.

Text Done Right

Granted most of what you will be looking at in Lilith's Throne is a lot of text, but this is a shining example of how to do a game like this right. There are a few graphics here and there, mostly to give you an idea of the big players in the story and also your inventory and this is a nice. However, rather than all of the text being the same color, things are different colored, kind of like they are color coded which makes playing the game and following the story so much easier and it is also a lot easier on the eyes too!


If you are someone that loves text based adventures, I do not doubt that you will fall in love with what Lilith's Throne is offering. I can see why my buddy was so high on this game and even though it is still not complete, I played the game for most of the weekend and I have still not reached the end of the current build. This is just a blast to play, truly one of the best lewd games of this style.


  • I liked how crazy the character creation stuff was
  • The story was well written and felt like a fantasy movie
  • The combat is exciting and easy to figure out
  • I loved the overall style of the game and felt it was fun to play through


  • Like all text based games, you do need a vivid imagination to get fully invested
  • The game is already massive, but I have no idea when it will be completed

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