Dungeon Slaves

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a game by adn700
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 6.7/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 12 votes
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Dungeon Slaves
Dungeon Slaves
Dungeon Slaves

In the realm of mythical creatures, folklore, magic and mystery, there can be a plethora of quests to complete, interesting stories to uncover and fascinating people to meet. Thankfully, in Dungeon Slaves, this holds true but not in the conventional sword and shield RPG kind of way but instead with swinging a weapon of a more meaty variety.

Breath-taking visuals

The interesting people we mentioned in this game have an awful lot of assets that make them worth your time and attention. Take their intricate costume designs, their flawless 3D rendered faces and their luscious flowing, often vibrantly coloured hair as prime examples. However, we wager that there may be two assets on each character that draw more attention than any other. We’ll let you guess what they are.

The environments in this game are fantastic as well. There seems to be no word from the developer as to whether these are 3D renders or live stills with a high resolution. Either way though, these backgrounds are fitting to every scene and lend themselves to the story and the 3D realistic art style perfectly. This is also complemented by the animations that are included for the characters. Where a lot of similar games would go for still images or still renderings, this game offers some more substance to the events of the story for a really visceral and eye-catching effect.

Run of the mill stuff

What is clear when you get over the glitz and glam of the presentation is that the story and narrative aren’t of the same standard. The gameplay has you pick through a branch of options and to its credit, does offer diverging narrative paths but sadly, the quality of writing is mediocre at best. The game relies on the graphical splendour to carry the product and while it does a pretty good job, for those who need to connect to the storyline to get your kicks, this isn’t going to cut it for most of you.

The setting, the magical aspects and the overall design of the game do offer something for players who find this niche appealing. Plus the UI design and core functionality is perfectly serviceable for what it is. However, you can’t escape the feeling that this title is a little hollow.

A One Note Experience

Dungeon Slaves is one that really plays into one particular niche hard. So if you’re someone that enjoys a little bit of fantasy mixed in with your adult themes, there may be something here for you. The art style is the runaway feature of this game.

The highly detailed renderings atop what seems like high-resolution real-life images have a really striking effect. Plus the character models and animations are enough to get most hot under the collar.


The real issue is that if you need a storyline to motivate you through these games, this title is lacking in a substantial one. It’s enough to draw the player in for sure and has the potential to be a great story but never really delivers on this promise. The gameplay is simplistic to the point of being rather generic and overall, this game fails to live up to the heights of the visuals. It’s often wrong to judge a book by its cover and the same applies here. Try this one and see if it’s for you but don’t expect a riveting story to keep you engaged.


  • Interesting fantasy setting
  • Great visuals
  • Great character models


  • Poor writing and storyline
  • Oversimplified gameplay

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Dungeon Slaves is a magical and naughty visual novel where the player will plunge into a world of sexual fantasy and become an attractive elf who moonlights as a maid in a wonderful mansion. In a world of war and conquest, magic and awe, unforeseen things often happen - Amy will find herself in the middle of the disaster.

Past Life

The elf village enjoyed life and settled down to life:

  • Built houses, baths, and temples of witchcraft
  • They got food
  • Harvested crops
  • Made families and children

The main character is Amy, a beautiful elfess. She looks sexy: lush third-size breasts, skinny waist, massive hips, pointy ears, big blue eyes, red curls, cute freckles and blush, thin trim arms and neck. She works part-time as a maid for a noble family. It's a good job: enough to live on, and the bosses are good.

Her life was getting better. It remained to find a decent man, of which there were many in the village. The elf man was characterized by hard work, honesty, and an attractive torso.

New life after the disaster

The world is full of danger. Around the elves live orcs. Orcs are ugly creatures, ready to tear and throw for a piece of power. They are not blessed with intelligence or civility. The evil race raids other people's lands. All they want is food and sexy women.

On a clear, sunny day, nothing foretold trouble, but the green monsters came running. They burned down the pretty houses, destroyed the divine temples, beheaded the elf men, and took the beauties with them. Amy is one of those who were not taken captive.

The player will look at the static images and decide what to do:

  • Which recipe to use to brew the potion.
  • How to communicate with important informants
  • To sleep with or refuse
  • Fight to the end or have sex

On her long journey, the main character will meet cute and ugly creatures. Do you want romance or sex? Do what you like.


Dungeon Slaves is a sexy novel with a variety of bed scenes and juicy girls. Recommended for fans of Sexy Beach 3 and Proud Father.

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