Cage of the Succubi

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a game by Kagura Games, and Ason
Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Cage of the Succubi
Cage of the Succubi
Cage of the Succubi
Cage of the Succubi

Cage of the Succubi is a prime example of how if you put succubi in your game title, I am going to stop what I am doing and play it! What can I say, monster girls are my jam and I always love it when a game is based around them. What we have here today is a lewd action RPG and one that is pretty basic, but it has some neat ideas, a fun premise, and a big boobed demon succubi that wants us to be her slave in her creepy castle!

Stranger Danger!

I would not exactly say that Cage of the Succubi is a story driven masterpiece, but I liked the premise and thought that it was fun. We play as a normal young man who is going about his business when on the way home he sees a smoking hot demon babe that catches his eye. Clearly, he missed the lessons at school about talking to strangers! One spell later and he finds himself waking up in a creepy castle where a sexy maid tells him that he was brought here to be the slave of the demon boss of this castle! While it is not the deepest story, I enjoyed it and thought it was fun.

A Little Tease!

The gameplay of Cage of the Succubi is done in our typical RPG Maker top down style. The room we wake up in and the dungeon we start to explore reminds me of the first castle that we explored in Link to the Past! The dungeons are made at random and finding new gear and loot is of course the name of the game here. It is a rather basic lewd dungeon crawler RPG where we fight monster girls as we try to make our way out of this castle. Although if a succubus that looked like this took me to be her slave, I would be doing everything I could to stay in the castle!

Punishing Me For What I Want

The combat system in Cage of the Succubi is where I feel most people will have a hard time clicking with the game. It is not that it is complicated, but it is just so punishing. When you lose a battle in a game like this, you are rewarded with a fem dom scene and that is certainly the case here so you want to lose at least once to see the scene. The twist though is that your stats decrease when you lose so they are punishing you for wanting to see the lewd content. Honestly, they took this out and I would bump the score up a whole extra point!

Playing With The Monster Girls!

I love the different monster girls that call this castle in Cage of the Succubi home. They are done with a hand drawn kind of style and they manage to be very attractive. I like how much imagination is used on the monster girls and while a bunch of animated sex scenes would have been great, what is here is awesome if you like monster girls. I will say that the kick you get out of the visuals of this game most certainly does depend on how much you love monster girls. There are some “normal” girls here, but clearly, the developer is a man of my own heart as most of them are monsters!


While Cage of the Succubi may be a rather basic lewd action dungeon crawler style of game. The succubus running things and the awesome monster girls were more than enough to keep me interested in what was going on here. I can see why some people may not click with it, especially the way it punishes you for wanting to see the XXX scenes when you lose a fight. However, if you ask me, there is way more good than bad here in this game.


  • The main succubus is hot!
  • There is a decent selection of cute and sexy monster girls in this game
  • I liked how the dungeons were randomly generated
  • Finding loot and gear is fun


  • Losing stats when you lose a fight feels harsh
  • Overall, the game may be a bit basic and harder to stick with if you do not love monster girls

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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