HoneyCome Come Come Party

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a game by ILLGAMES
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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HoneyCome Come Come Party
HoneyCome Come Come Party
HoneyCome Come Come Party
HoneyCome Come Come Party

I would wager that the first thing most people will notice about HoneyCome Come Come Party is the price. This is a XXX game that has a AAA price and in today's market where there are so many adult games to choose from. If a lewd game is asking for top dollar, it better have the content and presentation to back it up. Well, I can tell you right off the bat that the game does have one of those things! I went all in with this and I have to say that my experience was mostly positive, I do think this could have offered more.

Finding Someone Special…. To Have Sex With

When you read the description of what HoneyCome Come Come Party is all about. It makes it sound like it is some kind of dating sim style of game. Trying to find that special someone or just trying to find someone to have sex with is basically what it touts the premise of the “story” as. There is no actual story in this game, there are bits of dialogue between the characters, but they are few and far between and you will experience the same ones over and over again.

Let The Community Help!

I really think that HoneyCome Come Come Party needed to have some kind of story mode to play through! However, I do think that one way around this would have been to let the player create their own scenarios! Some of the WWE Smackdown vs RAW games back in the day had story designers and something like that would have been perfect here. Let us create stories between the characters, maybe even have visual novel style choices. Then let us upload and share them with other players. I get that monitoring something like this would have been tough, but I think it would have been great, especially as this game is all about customization.

The AAA Of XXX Character Customization

Let me say that HoneyCome Come Come Party is one of the best looking and most highly polished lewd games I have ever played when it comes to the way it looks. No other lewd game has the high quality anime art that this game has and the way it lets you customize all of the ladies is incredible! You can easily spend hours and hours tinkering with her design to get her boobs just right, the perfect butt, and more. This is where most of the gameplay is here, it is all about making these babes look perfect for you. There is DLC which is also very expensive that gives you another set of girls to play around with. The character customization here is honestly some of the best that I have ever seen in a lewd game.

Great Looking Sex!

With those amazing visuals, you will not be surprised to hear that HoneyCome Come Come Party has the most epic XXX content. I will say that the penis looks a little odd, but let's face it, we are here for the chicks! The quality of the animations is amazing, it looks mo-capped it is that well done. It is a blast to put together these scenes and then watch them unfold, in some ways it makes you feel like some kind of high end hentai director. To get the best out of this game, you have to be willing to roll your sleeves up and embrace all of the creative stuff that it is presenting you with. As the game looks so great though, it is easy to see why those who are into this are super into it!


If I am being brutally honest, I do not feel that HoneyCome Come Come Party has enough content in terms of characters and story to have the huge price tag that it does! You could get Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for the same price as this! However, for those that are all about character customization and making epic XXX scenes, this game is very hard to beat! I would perhaps recommend that you wait for it to go on sale before you throw down the full price.


  • This game looks amazing
  • It has some of the highest quality anime XXX art I have ever seen
  • You can customize the girls in many different ways
  • It is fun to check out all the XXX scenes that the game has


  • It has pretty much zero story content
  • I feel that there is not enough content in general considering the hefty asking price

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

One of the most controversial things about HoneyCome Come Come Party is the price. This is currently as much as a AAA game! To be honest, I was gifted this game and I will admit that has I paid as much as the next exclusive big AAA title from one of the big publishers, I would perhaps not be as enthusiastic about the game. However, for a sex simulator style of game, I think that what we have here is pretty awesome and to be fair, it does have more higher quality kind of presentation than you usually get with a game like this.

Come Baby Come, Baby, Baby Come, Come

Come on, I cannot be the only one who read the title HoneyCome Come Come Party and thought of the hit early 90s anthem by K7. Anyway, we do not exactly have some kind of deep and engaging story here. We pretty much play as an average dude that somehow lives in a world where any girl that he dreams up is real and of course, he gets to have sex with them. I guess that they are at least trying to tie this together with some kind of narrative, but do not expect to get fully invested in the story here!

California Dreams!

Hey, I did one awesome 90s reference now here is another, I had the biggest crush on Lorena as a kid. Anyway, the point of HoneyCome Come Come Party is to bring our own dream babes to life. There is a solid character creation suit here and it gives you a fair amount of choice when it comes to creating the girl of your dreams. I found it very easy to play around with and I must admit that I abused the hell out of the function that lets you play around with the jiggle physics. If you are someone that loves to see boobs and butts jiggle, you will be in heaven here.

Around The Way Girl!

I did it! A Hatrick of 90s references in one game review! The thing is, HoneyCome Come Come Party has some of the most amazing looking characters around. Granted, you are the one that is bringing these characters to life. However, with my right hand to the man, I can honestly say that I have never played a sex simulator/character creator style of game that has a presentation that is as high quality as this one! It looks like a high end game, I am not exaggerating when I say that if Studio Ghibli decided to say what the hell and went the lewd route, it could look like this. The different XXX scenes are fantastic and animated so well! However, the options for the MC are a bit of a drag and his penis looks so freaking weird!

From This Moment On

I am 99.999 percent sure that this is the first time a Shania Twain reference has been made in a lewd game review, but we are on a '90s kick today so just roll with it. HoneyCome Come Come Party is the kind of game that I can easily see myself coming back to time and time again. The reason for this is that I see this as a kind of palate cleanser game. The kind of game when you are in the mood for something fun, you can fire up and have a XXX blast in no time at all. Plus, I am sure more content from the developer as well as the modding scene is going to make this something truly special in the coming months and years.


One of the craziest things about HoneyCome Come Come Party is that I think if they put this out at like 30 bucks max, people would be losing their minds over it. I know it is easy for me to say it is fantastic when I admitted that I did not pay for it and had I paid the better part of 70 bucks they wanted for this I am not sure I would be thrilled. However, as far as games where you get to make babes and have sex with them go, there are truly not no others that have that AAA game feel like this one does.


  • Making girls is easy and fun
  • I liked the jiggle physics
  • This is one very high quality XXX game!
  • I cannot wait to see what else will be added to this game!


  • We cannot ignore that truly crazy high price!
  • While what is here is awesome, at launch, the game does not have a ton of content

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