CrocApoca!! Crocodile maiden at the End of the World

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a game by Flat Chest Dev, and the last evil wizard
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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CrocApoca!! Crocodile maiden at the End of the World
CrocApoca!! Crocodile maiden at the End of the World
CrocApoca!! Crocodile maiden at the End of the World
CrocApoca!! Crocodile maiden at the End of the World

If you’re a fan of visual novels, cute anime girls, pre-apocalyptic stories, and crocodiles, then the whimsical CrocApoca!! Crocodile Maiden at the End of the World is the game for you. Featuring many common genre tropes, the story of CrocApoca isn’t anything to write home about, but let’s be honest, this is not a game that’s played for its plot.

As an ecchi visual novel, spicy situations and well-endowed characters abound. That said, the prospect of multiple endings and the apocalyptic subplot of the game might keep players hooked for way longer than your typical h-game.

Reptilian Love Story

The story begins in a world very similar to ours, where a global pandemic has led society to the brink of collapse. Players create a customizable avatar with whatever name and gender they desire, which is a plus over the myriad of wimpy visual novel protagonists out there.

One day, a mysterious girl named Lily appears in your home. Even more curious is that Lily seems to have a large reptilian tail, and she calls herself a “crocodile.” For all intents and purposes, however, Lily looks exactly like your everyday anime gal. Well, except for the crocodile tail, of course.

To make matters worse, your step-sister, Marumi, is coming to your house later that week. Marumi’s pushy personality makes your character fear her, and having such a strong character home, will you be able to survive having these two girls alone for the week?

The End of the World

Every decision you make in CrocApoca affects not only your relationship with Lily and Marumi but also the fate of humanity. The game features different endings depending on your actions and considering that the apocalypse is looming ever closer, you better make the best out of what little time’s left.

Granted, the game’s plot isn’t something grand as The House in Fata Morgana, but that’s not the point of a game like CrocApoca. Simply put, this game is a dating simulator with some extra steps thrown into the mix, although the apocalyptic themes make it stand out in a sea of similar-looking eroge visual novels.

Characters and “Events”

Considering that most of the game you’ll be looking at the same character sprites for long periods, their art style better be great. Fortunately for CrocApoca, they absolutely are. Not only is the character art style lovely, but the few scenes that feature animations are also very well done.

The backgrounds, however, are what we’ve come to expect from eroge visual novels: flat scenery made to keep players invested in the adorable characters and their “attributes.” One thing worth noting is that there’s no explicit content to be found in CrocApoca. Not yet, at least.

The developer, Flat Chest Dev, mentions on the game’s Steam page that there’s a free adult content DLC already in the works. This DLC should be released sometime after the game’s launch, so players looking to see the naughty crocodile girls will have to wait a while for the patch’s release.


For what it is, CrocApoca!! Crocodile Maiden at the End of the World is a nice little visual novel with a great art style and cute characters. Players looking for more explicit content will have to wait for the free DLC, but those looking for a heartwarming crocodile girl game can absolutely enjoy what CrocApoca has to offer.


  • Great character designs
  • Witty writing
  • Interesting setting


  • Flat backgrounds
  • Limited voice acting

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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