Paio Hazard

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a game by Digital Onahooole
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 12 votes
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Paio Hazard
Paio Hazard
Paio Hazard

Today we are checking out PAIO HAZARD which is a brutal and hardcore hentai action platformer and shooter that is going to knock your socks off. I have to say that this is one of those games that is 100 percent not for those who are a little unsure if they are into hardcore or not as the game does not hold back in any regard.

The Name’s Lina

The story of the game is pretty solid. PAIO HAZARD is about a brave and badass detective that is called Lina. Lina is a tough cop, but she also has massive boobs and loves sex. She has come to a small, sleepy town where homeless people have been disappearing under very strange circumstances.

She takes on the case and before long the town is engulfed in a strange fog that is turning everyone into zombies. Zombies and monsters that want to have sex no matter what. Lina is trying to survive in this messed up town, but she is also trying to solve the case and try and save anyone who needs saving. Oh, and she is also trying not to give in to her sexual urges too!

So Big And Bouncy

I have to say that out of all the side-scrolling hentai games I have played over the years that PAIO HAZARD has the best bouncy boobs I have ever seen. The way they bounce while you move is great, but it gets even better. She can get her shirt ripped off which then has them out while she is walking around, the animation for her shirt getting ripped off is just flat out awesome. As is the animation of her butt when she is climbing a ladder.

The sex in the game is brutal! It is very, very hardcore and features all kinds of horrible monsters having their way with her. It can be hard to watch sometimes and I say that as someone who usually has a very high tolerance for this kind of stuff, still there is no denying that the art is very, very well done here.

Saving The Day And Your Body

Controlling Lina is pretty straight forward. You move from area to area, fighting zombies and monsters as you go. On your travels, you can get stuff that can help you such as health packs and boosts that make you stronger. There are a few boss battles too and the odd puzzle and collectible item that you have to keep an eye out for.

The more I think about it the more I feel that they had to have been going for a side view, Resident Evil kind of vibe with the gameplay as that was what I kept thinking about the whole time I was playing it.


I have to be real with you guys and say that PAIO HAZARD is not the kind of game that I could see myself coming back to time and time again. However, during my playthrough of it, I did have a great time. I thought that Lina was a tremendous character and one that was very easy on the eyes. Plus those bouncing boob physics as she walked certainly kept me motivated to keep on playing just a bit longer so that I could see what happened next!


  • Lina is pretty damn awesome
  • Those boobs!
  • The transition scenes where she loses her top or climbs are fun
  • The hentai is very hardcore if that is your thing
  • Overall, the gameplay is done well and it does not overstay its welcome


  • That hentai may be a bit much for some people
  • I do not see it as the kind of game you would play over and over again

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I will admit that I did not actually expect a great deal out of Paio Hazard, but I ended up having a blast with this one. This is a lewd side scrolling action game and it is a game that is pretty balls to the wall as far as things go. I ended up playing all the way through this in just a couple of sittings and I had a great time doing so. It is the kind of game that is great if you want a game with big boobs, lots of XXX content, but also some action packed gameplay to keep you interested as well.

The Ultimate Booby Cop!

I was impressed by how story driven Paio Hazard turned out to be. The main character in the game and the person we play as is a cop called Lina and Lina is awesome. What I love about Lina as a main character (apart from those big boobs of course) is that she is all action and she kind of reminds me of characters from Resident Evil like Jill Valentine and Clair Redfield and that is meant as a huge compliment by the way.

Strange Things Have Been Happening!

While Lina is great, Paio Hazard has her being thrust into a case that is very strange. The city is being covered in this weird fog. The trouble is, this fog is turning people into sex craved maniacs that are just banging anything in site. People are getting banged and dying all over the place and these monsters are just not letting up. Lina needs to try and survive, but also find out what is going on. What makes this tricky is that Lina has a really high sex drive so she may be tempted to partake in the crazy action that is going down if you know what I am saying!

Blasting All The Way

The gameplay I will admit is not going to win any awards, but Paio Hazard was such a fun time. It is a side scroller and for the most art, we will be going from left to right, shooting anything that gets in our way! While I would say that action is the main focus of the game, there is a bit more depth than you would think. For example, you may have to find keys, figure out the combination for a lock, find a certain item, and so on. Granted, it is rather basic, but it all works and Lina controls very well. There is just something very satisfying about the controls that it made this a joy to play.

Look At Them Jiggle

One of the most awesome things about Paio Hazard is the way that Lina just strolls along with them big boobs just bouncing along the way. Eventually, she will get her top ripped off and we get to see them in all their glory. It is not just her boobs that jiggle, her butt has some epic jiggle to it as well. The actual gameplay here looks great, but it is the XXX content that I am sure will get most people excited. To say that the sex in this game is hardcore is an understatement. While it is very well done, I have never been someone that likes the whole hot chick getting banged by gross monsters’ things. Some of it happens in gameplay and other times you will get a more detailed sex scene.


I was very entertained the whole time I was playing Paio Hazard and felt that for a lewd action game, it is done very well. I know that I am not into the whole monster doing the hot chick thing, but Lina was so hot that I kind of just rolled with it. The gameplay is fun and when she got her shirt ripped, I was like hell yeah! If you want to play a fun and exciting lewd action game you have to try this one out.


  • Lina is one of my favorite lewd protagonists now
  • The boob and butt jiggle in this game is epic
  • The XXX content could not be any more hardcore!
  • I was very into the action gameplay as it was fun and exciting


  • Seeing monsters have sex has never been something that excited me
  • It was very entertaining, but it is a one and done kind of game for me

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