Crusaders Kings 2

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a game by Paradox Development
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 4 votes
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Crusaders Kings 2
Crusaders Kings 2
Crusaders Kings 2

One of the most interesting things about Crusader Kings 2, in my opinion, is how people react to the game. What we have here is a grand strategy game and it is certainly worthy of having grand in its name. This is a game that is 100 percent not for everyone, it can be brutal, cryptic and it certainly does not hold your hand. For those willing to dig their heels in and stick with it though, CK 2 (as all the cool kids are calling it) is a truly fantastic and rewarding experience.

I Will Go Medieval On You!

What really drew me to this game and the series, in general, is the medieval setting. The game has you select one from a selection of nobles and then you want to rise up and make your bloodline and dynasty be successful. It is the kind of thing that many other grand strategy games have done over the years, but I do think that Crusader Kings 2 does it better than most others that are out there.

Slapping Your Hand Away

The gameplay of Crusader Kings 2 is going to be something that you either like or hate with a passion. This is a game that does not hold your hand in any way. It does have “tutorials” that teach you the basics of what you need to do. However, most of the time, you will be learning from doing and let me tell you, you will fail time and time again. The learning curve here is very deep and I can see some people getting more frustrated than anything else with this game.

On the flip side of this though, when it does all click for you and you do learn from your mistakes and you realize while a whole unit was wiped out! You will start to appreciate just how much depth this game has. It is the kind of thing that is so rewarding and it keeps you invested and you want to keep moving forward.

Great Progression

In taking your dynasty from nothing to everything, Crusader Kings 2 has a great sense of progression. It has these points that are known as piety and prestige points and these are what you will be looking to get in order to improve pretty much every aspect of your dynasty. You can try and be a military powerhouse and just wage war and take what you want by force. Or you can try and be more political if you want, it is quite impressive in just how much choice there is in regards to play the game the way you want to play it.

One really cool aspect of the progression system in CK 2 is the way that children can inherit things from their parents. So, getting the right people married can result in you having amazing leaders, warriors and politicians and so on for generations to come.

While I have spent many hours with Crusader Kings 2 and I have had a great time doing so. This is actually the kind of game that has no middle ground. If you like grand strategy games and are not scared of putting in some serious work to learn the mechanics of the game, you will find this a very rewarding experience. On the other side of this, those who are not willing to put in that kind of time will find this more frustrating than fun so this might not be for you.

Final Score: 8/10


  • Tons of depth to the gameplay
  • I like how children can inherit traits from their parents
  • It is a massive, massive game
  • You feel like a tactical mastermind when it all clicks
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay


  • The tutorial system is not that great
  • It is a very tough and brutal game and not new player friendly

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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