Deadlocked in Time

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a game by Neko-Hime
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Deadlocked in Time
Deadlocked in Time
Deadlocked in Time
Deadlocked in Time

I waited a little while after I played through Deadlocked in Time to talk about it as I wanted to really gather my thoughts about this lewd visual novel style experience. Well, time has passed and I am still not sure what the hell was exactly going on here! It starts off as a strange “normal” type of dude wanting to bang chicks kind of story, but then adds sci-fi into the mix and becomes almost like a parody as it gets so bizarre with what is going down.

The Most Normal Of Normal Guys!

The story that Deadlocked in Time is telling is one of the strangest I have ever come across in a lewd game. Our main character is not exactly loving life, he has had to move schools and he is having a tough time fitting in and figuring out his place in the world. He has some good friends, but things are just kind of monotonous for him at this point in his life. Now, you may think trying to get this guy laid or trying to improve his life is where this story is going, but you are sorely mistaken!

The Master Of Time

Turns out that our MC in Deadlocked in Time is a clone of the original MC and his memory has been twisted! Hey, it gets way weirder than that, there is this stasis thing that he can play around with where everyone except him is frozen in time! He can use this “ability” to his advantage to find out what is going on. Oh, it gets even weirder than this! You take this medicine that can supposedly help with your messed up memory, but the side effect of this medication is a huge penis and you yourself getting bigger. This is just crazy stuff, but for as little sense as it made, it kept me invested as I honestly had no idea where the hell this crazy train was going to go next.

It Really Is The Spice Of Life

One thing that I have to give Deadlocked in Time credit for is the same thing that kind of creeps me out, but I will start with the positives. There are some fantastic character renders in this game and it has a ton of XXX scenes that it never makes you wait too long to see. The variety of the characters in their looks and personality is very nice. However, some of the characters look like children and I get that they are supposed to be younger and want to be “de-flowered” but did they have to make them look so young?

Good Karma vs Bad Karma

I would say that this is pretty much a lewd visual novel as far as the gameplay goes. Deadlocked in Time has you making many different choices as you progress through the game. To try and add a bit of spice and give the game a bit more depth, they have a karma system where you get good or bad karma depending on the decisions you make as you progress through the game. I like the idea of this, but it does not actually feel like it adds a great deal to the experience if I am being brutally honest.


I can see why the complete bat poop insane story that Deadlocked in Time is telling may be too much and put some people off. However, I kind of dug it! It was so crazy and so over the top and made next to no sense that it was a wild ride I was always interested to see where it would go next. The sticking point for me with this game is the character renders look too young, that was what turned me off, not the wacky plot.


  • The game has so many crazy plot elements!
  • The story soon turns into a crazy sci-fi thing
  • I liked how there was a lot of variety in the character designs
  • While shallow, the karma system is a nice touch


  • Some of the character models look so young that they are flat out creepy
  • While I got a kick out of the story, it being so nonsensical will be a turn-off for some

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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