Deep Labyrinth

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a game by Interactive Brains
Genre: Simulation
Platform: DS (2006)
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Deep Labyrinth
Deep Labyrinth
Deep Labyrinth
Deep Labyrinth

People say:


It seems as though the RPG med ocrity fairies have left the PSP alone just long enough to work their magic on the latest roleplayer for the Nintendo DS. Wow, is Deep Labyrinth ever boring. This game hearkens back to the DS' early days, when using the touch screen for something--no matter how awkward or useless, like it is here--was more important than the game's quality. Deep Labyrinth's combined D-pad/touch screen control scheme will have you begging for mercy within an hour, as it actually makes everything more complicated. Rather than just hitting a button to cast a spell, you have to touch the proper onscreen icon, draw the spell from memory, then hit another icon to cast it. As you can imagine, this leads to loads of fun while you wrestle with the digital pad, especially when a group of enemies surrounds you. And honestly, the pain ain't worth it. I can forgive Deep Labyrinth's bizarre story about a boy and his mutt lost in a world where useless memories go to die, but ifs not nearly compelling enough to make me suffer through the fugly visuals and knuckle-knotting interface.


Talk about underwhelming. This game looks (and plays) like a student project out of junior college You'll trudge through the similar environments with repeatedly recycled characters, although they'll be a different color or have a new accessory, which is supposed to trick us into thinking we are seeing something new. The lame, stylus-driven combat and cheesy dialogue further compound the game's problems. I'll give Deep Labyrinth points because it actually works when you boot it up and the music is surprisingly enjoyable But only hardcore RPG apologists (looking your way, Jeremy) will mine fun from this turd.


What tie...? These guys are way off (well, except on the lame interface thing). Despite initial impressions, it's quite easy to enjoy Deep Labyrinth. The secret? Be patient. The first hour is quite possibly the most god-awfully boring thing you'll ever experience, a maze of simple boxes (all alike). Once you get into the labyrinth proper, though, the action picks up. Alternately, you could just skip straight ahead to the more challenging second chapter Aside from its lousy graphics and awkward, unwelcome DS functionality (note to Atlus: making fun of the act of blowing into the DS mic doesn't excuse forcing us to do it), Deep Labyrinth is a classic dungeon hack (stranded in a dungeon, no way out, fighting from level to level, acquiring better gear and skills, etc .) straight out of the Wizardry school of RPG design. That is, the old school. Oh, and bring headphones--Yasunori 'Chrono Cross" Mitsudafs soundtrack is truly.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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