Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle

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a game by ZaneSFM
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle
Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle
Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle
Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle

Hell yes, Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle is the lewd game that I feel like I have been waiting ages for! Honestly, I am surprised that there are not more lewd games that are a parody of this! Anyway, what we have here is a lewd point and click adventure games and it starts off amazingly well. If you are a fan of this franchise and Lady D, I highly recommend that you check this one out!

My Sweet Lady D

Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle is a lewd game about Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil: Village. I thought that she and her vampire daughters were awesome and I knew it would not be long before we got a bunch of lewd games based on her. This one here has us playing as a random guy who is trying to survive being in her castle. The idea here is great actually and I think had they just stuck with that and Lady D and her vampire daughters it would have been all the better for it.

Sometimes Less Is More

The big problem that I have with Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle is that I absolutely loved the first few chapters of this adventure. It felt like a lewd version of Resident Evil Village and that is exactly what I wanted. When you are dealing with Lady D or her daughters (who I actually prefer) I think this is where the game is at its best. However, the developer felt the need to add a bunch of other monster like characters and while I am usually down for more characters, I think that it hurts the overall experience here to be honest with you as Lady D and the girls are not the sole focus.

Sticking It In The Right Place

Hey, I know what you were just thinking there and you have a dirty mind so stop it! Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle is a lewd point and click adventure game. You will explore various areas of Lady Ds castle as well as the surrounding area. You need to find certain items and figure out where to use them. I do think there was a lot of wandering around and trying to figure out what to do and where to use a certain item, but it was not bad. There is also interactivity with Lady D and the other characters too, making a wrong choice here can get you killed so think before you act!

The Perfect Place For Lady D To Sit!

Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle is a great looking game. Lady D and her vampire daughters are just so hot and I love the way that they have been recreated here. The game also uses some actual assets from Resident Evil Village which I thought was pretty cool. Most of the game is done with still images, but there are a few animated sex scenes here and there, of course, Lady D using you as her seat is a major highlight, but I wish this was something that happened more to be honest with you. The other characters in the game are ok and in a different game I would probably really like them, however, here they just distract me from what I really want.


Dimitrescu’s Lewd Castle is an impressive lewd point and click adventure game. I think the game is at its very best during the opening segments where it is all just focused on Lady D and her daughters. Once other characters are introduced, I must admit that I did lose interest a bit. I think if there is another chapter, I would like them to go back to basics and focus more on Lady D than other characters.


  • It is a lewd game with Lady D
  • I love the exaggerated design of Lady D
  • The story I felt was a fun fem dom style story
  • There are some very hot scenes with Lady D and her daughters


  • I wish that the game kept the characters to just Lady D and the daughters
  • It can be hard to know what you have to do sometimes

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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Dimitrescu's Lewd Castle is a vampire sex simulator. The game offers you to meet a lady named Alsina Dimitrescu. Alcina is a 3 meters tall vampire who loves drinking men's blood. Alsina is ready to have an indecent sexual relationship with ANY man. Take a risk, too, if you don't die!


  • Events take place in the ancient castle of Lady Dimitrescu. The location is inspired by the dark atmosphere from Resident Evil
  • Craft items. You can collect a flamethrower.
  • Participate in BDSM - domination and brutal sex without censorship

Red Room - peek or run away?

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